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[Game] Spot The Hidden Differences

Spot The Hidden DifferencesFind 5 differences between two pictures in Spot The Hidden Differences – five differences photo hunt puzzle game!

Spot The Hidden Differences is a kind of searching and finding difference photo hunt puzzle games where your task is to find out five differences between two pictures. Keep your eyes open, look at the pictures carefully and train your observation – some differences are not that easy to notice, so Spot The Hidden Differences puzzle game can challenge your mind!

How to play Spot The Hidden Differences – find the differences puzzle game:
Compare two pictures and look for the differences between them. Spot the difference and tap on it. Find out all the differences in the time allowed in find the difference puzzle game!

Explore lots of different colorful pictures and have fun while you’re trying to spot the differences in find the difference puzzle game within the limited time. Train your brain while enjoying puzzle game!

Why you’ll love Spot The Hidden Differences – find the difference puzzle game:

Tons of amazing colorful pictures: rooms, animals, food, and many more
Brain training game which suits both kids and adults
Useful features: zooming in and out will help you to spot the differences
Helpful puzzle game hints
Easy & hard puzzles – train your brain and observation!
Intuitive find the difference puzzle game interface

If you like playing entertaining find the difference puzzle games, then Spot The Hidden Difference is just what you need! Improve your searching and concentration skills while solving photo hunt puzzle games. Win all puzzles and become a master in searching and finding differences!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Spot The Hidden Differences find the difference puzzle game for free and enjoy this photo hunt puzzle game!



Spot The Hidden Differences user reviews :

Love this game. Very use friendly, easy to navigate, great scenes and the graphics are great! Very easy on the eyes, as I am sensitive to bright graphics & colors and pics are not too big or too small. The differences are not impossible to find while still making me work a bit to find the last 1 or 2. LOVE IT P. S. Ads are also not a nuisance in this one… Short ads are much more user friendly. Kudos!

  • Hello! Thank you for the high evaluation. We’re so glad that you’ve chosen our search game. We hope you’ll enjoy it even more. Have a good play

A great game with clear pics. Yes, it has ads like any other game. Good thing about this one though is that you can exit the ads, cutting down ad time to around 15 seconds. Which is why I am giving it 5 stars.

The games really trick your mind, at first I thought it was some kiddie game and definitely not for adults but it really tricks my mind as a 30 year old LOL! I get the ads are for money purposes, but they’re getting annoying like especially at the start, they would come after every level I completed. If you could reduce ads that would be better, but great mind challenging game

  • Hi! Thank you for support and feedback. We truly appreciate it Stay tuned for updates!

I really love all those find the difference games. The good thing is there’s more pros than cons in this game, And I really like the fact that there’s no ads popping up every few minutes. However the only “CON” of the game is that it’s kind of easy maybe a little babyish. I would like it if the games progress as it goes on and not stay so easy. I enjoy games that has challenges.

An easy game that gets slightly harder, but not too hard a great way to pass time. The adverts are only a few seconds long unless it’s for a hint. No complaints at all!!!

The app is great! But I would give it a 5 star (if it weren’t for the ads) after level four there’s a bunch of ads (and their about 30 seconds long) like I said after level four there’s a bunch of ads and after each level their is an ad (just warning you don’t get raged like how I did

Really like this game, not too easy and not so hard I get frustrated and quit playing. Yes, there are ads but they’re not bad, usually can click out of them after 5-10 seconds. Getting ready to start on level 601 and wondering how many more are left (I’m hoping a lot more).

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Love it. Ads aren’t too bad, 3-5 seconds unless you need a hint. Not even that much longer then. It’s more “eye” friendly–drawings instead of photos. I’m at level 122 (now at almost 2000) and still playing. There is a timer but I’ve only missed twice. And you have the option of hints, which come with a 30 second or shorter ad instead of the shorter ads in the game.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’re doing our best to make the game even better. Stay tuned for the updates!

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