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Star Realms  The hit new Deckbuilding game comes to Android!

Here are some of the things game reviewers are saying about Star Realms:

My readers are going to have a seizure about how good Star Realms is.
Owen Faraday,

Good on all levels, thumbs up!
Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

This game is superb! I think it’s a brilliant game. Beautiful artwork, second to none.
Tim Norris, Grey Elephant Gaming

What can I say? Star Realms is excellent.

I desperately wanted to play again and again. It’s just consistently fun every time.
The Critical Boardgamer

StarRealms combines addictive Deckbuilding Game play with exciting Trading Card Game style combat!

Designed by Magic Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty (of the Ascension Deckbuilding Game), StarRealms’ amazingly rich yet easy to learn game play will provide endless hours of entertainment.

Free Version.

Addictive Deckbuilding Game with Player VS Player Combat.
Tutorial teaches you to play in minutes.
Stunning visuals.
Play VS the AI.
6 mission campaign mode.

Full Game Additional Features

Play the AI on 3 different difficulty settings.
9 additional campaign missions.
Battle friends face to face with Pass and Play.
Online play with global rankings.
Challenge a friend online.

Star Realms user reviews :

I really like the game, just two critiques of the app: 1. Certain animations and sound effects have pretty off timing, ie scrapping cards from the trade row feels like it takes forever, but card synergies happen so fast I can barely process them. 2. It is very annoying that the AI doesn’t just attack and end the game if it has enough to win. I often quit out during their last turn because I don’t want to sit around for it.

Generally well balanced deck builder with the ability to be very basic to growing complexity depending on how many decks you use. For me, the campaign is ok, but the replayability is in the weekly arena, where they are constantly trying out new mechanics and expansion combinations. The arena is free for your first playthrough each week, but the cost is pretty reasonable if you want to purchase more playthroughs.

This is a great game. Too many strategies to keep up. Lol My only dislike is that I can only get it on my phone. Sometimes hard robread the cards.

Have been playing this game consistently for years now. Something to do with friends who are far away

Fantastic board game. Mediocre app adaptation.

Very well made game, unlike other deck builders, not a card I don’t like. Nice graphics, effects, and options. Playing on mobile is cheaper than buying cards, and has more options. Tutorial is great. Campaign is fun. Free content really gives you a feel for the game. Play online or pass the phone options. Very little room for improvement. Plus, they didn’t bug me to rate, and no button to do so from the app.

Really fun game, played the free version for ages before deciding to upgrade to full version. What I didn’t understand was the “full” version only contains one new campaign chapter, not all remaining 18 chapters, so there is another 17 chapters left to pay for even after paying for the game. In retrospect I would not have paid the asking price if I knew it was only 1 chapter. Yes it’s my fault for not reading carefully enough. Great game but value for money seems lacking.

A great deck building game. Matches are short, mechanics are simple but effective, and strategies can vary. Sometimes you get unlucky, but since matches are short, you lose quickly and move on to the next game, instead of slowly dying over the course of an hour like some other games. The expansions are all really good too.

Good game with a so so GUI. This is the first deckbuilder that actually hooked me. Simple to learn but with a lot of depth. The GUI is so so. The 3D style may be nice to look at first but the cards are hard to read on a phone screen and this ruins the user experience as I have to zoom on cards every time. I would like to have a 2D mode that doesn’t waste so much screen space.

It’s a great game and a very well built app. Only complaint is that I feel very nickel-and-dimed by the expansion system. Getting the full game unlocks an incredibly small portion of the app, and getting all the expansions would cost somewhere around $45. Hoping they might do some sort of bundle or deal in the future. Until then, highly doubt I’d get more than one or two expansions.

One of the best deck builder games, very well executed for phones. No trouble in iOS or Android. Can play across platform seamlessly. Lots of additional content, but the base game is great. I hope they continue expanding, especially creating alternate game setups and battles bigger than two people.

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