Star Vanisher – Blow Away the Star Ball

[Game] Star Vanisher

Star Vanisher

10 Million DL Series Free

The series that Japanese celebrity Audrey raved about on her TV show!

Measuring by eye! One-tap, easy!
Blow Away the Star Ball with Your Super Dokkan Beam!!
Destroy the Star Ball at the Accurate Size.
Tap to Shoot the Beam!!!
The Star Ball in the Target Range Is Blown Away.
The Goal Is to Destroy the [JUST] Range.

Your Battle Power is…?
Defeat the approaching bosses!
Dragon? Demon? Mythic level? Master the skill tree and compete for the top spot in the rankings!

Unleash the Super Dokkan Beam with the touch of a finger! What will you see when all the Star Ball are extinguished?
The Legends Battle begins now!

Star Vanisher user reviews :

I would rate to be fair. Despite all of the game is in a different language. But it is fun to play. I wish the ads would come up constantly as well. Maybe I would continue to play it. In which I became less more interested to play.I had the app for over a year and possibly longer. Until today, I decided I am finished with it. Thank you for the opportunity to play it, I did find it quite enjoyable until it lasts.

here is my problem… giving ratings to games is normally not my thing in less it’s really good or really bad now it’s not that this game is bad it’s just you have the second version out so you were offering a diamond purchasing this game for free so I use it and it gives it to me for free then after my next battles my hundred diamonds i saved, gone. so i mean the game is amusing but if you’re planning the spend money for diamonds I would not do it on this game. they might take them too…

This is by far the best mobile game ever its challenging fun and addictive the animation is amazing the music is so catchy and the game is really satisfying. PS I recommend this to dragon ball fans

really fun! the game is great! i played an older version of this at one point i think, but this is great! i love it really fun to play and id recommend it for dbz fans and non dbz fans. it has no connection with the franchise but is clearly inspired by it. i love this app!

amazing game. tough. but fun. way too many adds. id rather watch a few longer ones less often than a lot of short ones

I love the graphic and how easy it is to learn.. it a awesome free time game.

This game is phenomenal its pure HYPE you dont need to know the story,you dont need to understand anything its pure hype gameplay with engaging music and planet busting powers best game i played in a while please add more stages i love this game

A pretty good looking app but i can’t get to the first level even though i beat the prologue.

Nice timewaster. Nothing particularly revolutionary, but fun for a while nonetheless.

The old version is way better when u just acheived transformations each one you did

It’s fun to play when your stuck waiting on things passes time well

Great This game is actually pretty good, I was worried it’d be boring

Awesome game! Great animation n gameplay. One of my faves so far. Could play this all the time. A dbz android game of this quality would be amazing

Game Quality I can say that both Star Vanisher 1& 2 are amazing~ I enjoy the graphics and the idea of this game. Last but not least, the music inside the game is awesome. I can play up to 1 to 2 hours because of the music

Great game! I had fun playing this game!! It’s actually a stress reliever for me. It feels good to destroy something when mad.. haha! I feel like I’m Son Goku! XD

LOVE IT!! Never played a game like this before I love the fact that one has to calculated to continue is risk taking Amazing

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