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Star Wars Imperial AssaultStar Wars Imperial Assault : Legends of the Alliance is a companion app for the Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game, a scenario-based game of tactical combat.

When you play with Legends of the Alliance, the app assumes the role of the Imperials, while you and your friends form a team of Rebel heroes fighting to bring down the Galactic Empire.

Legends of the Alliance introduces a completely cooperative way to play Imperial Assault, freeing you and your friends to work together to overcome challenges set before you by the evil Empire. With a full campaign featuring exciting new missions and the ability to incorporate your entire collection of physical Imperial Assault products, Legends of the Alliance provides a thrilling new way to experience Imperial Assault!

Please try restarting your device after installation if the app hangs at startup.

Star Wars Imperial Assault user reviews :

This app has breathed new life into imperial assault for me. Always wanted a “true” coop mode. I was extremely sceptical when I read that the app doesn’t directly control individual units but I understand why they did it like that and I have to admit it works a lot better than I expected. The one thing that I found really lacking in campaign imperial assault was the storytelling. This also seems to have improved a lot, but I have only played 3 missions so far… a lot of effort has clearly gone into tweaking all the unit rules to make them work better in the app. There are of course some negatives as well, but are mainly centered around the simplistic control of the imperial units. So even though some tactical elements, like stun, has become weaker, it still has its own interest to play against a more predictable opponent with more units. I’m very happy about the ability to just select what expansions I have and the app will then try to utilize them. I haven’t seen a single ad in the app or any “offer” of buying more stuff, but it still makes me want to in a good way so to speak. If you enjoyed the campaign mode but wished for a more coop experience you want to try this!

The app works as intended. I have been able to play multiple games now and so far its been great. The AI system isn’t always the best but it usually makes up for it by giving itself bonuses. It provides a good challenge for new players like myself. My main complaint is there is no undo button in the app. Sometimes this is an issue (for instance we once had an objective die and we forgot to mark it before we ended an activation which meant we couldn’t delete the token for the game to know)

YOU NEED A PHYSICAL COPY TO PLAY. I just thought I’d clear that up, this is a companion app to “Star Wars: Imperial Assault” the boardgame. Currently there are (3) 5 mission campaigns that allow your characters to progress from heroes to almost unstoppable killing machines. The missions are fun and last about 3 hours each while running the app and the in-between mission briefs/short stories and clean up purchasing new items and equipment. It allows complete 4 player Co-op, the only way i play.

Ran perfectly, zero problems. Can’t wait for more campaigns and units to be added in!! Get to work on it, FFG! This is my favorite game and I already own every expansion and unit! And now all those friends I alienated (cos I stomped them with Imps) will come back and play with me!

When IA first came out, I HATED the campaign. For a 1v4 competative game battles were almost always one sided. Fun board game nights would devolve into arguments and frustration with both the rules as well as each other. This app, on the other hand, cleans up a lot of the rules we despised while making the game balanced and more challenging. Also, it’s entirely co-op now with an option for solo play, so even if the base campaign caused your friends to hate you for the rest of your life you can still play the game.

This app has been a long time coming! Finally I don’t have to crush my friends hopes n dreams, I can be with them! Thanks FFG

All good, docking a star for the lack of spoken briefings and original boxed campaign missions. The included campaign is fun enough but short. Good start ffg, now it just needs a few bells and whistles

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