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[Game] Starry Sea Tycoon

Starry Sea TycoonThere’s a seaside street with an amazing view, somewhere in this universe.

But business isn’t going well, due to bad management.
We need new bosses like you, to open new stalls and decorate the streets!
It’s up to you to build this street up into a fabulous, wonderful place!

Not just any sea!

Start from the Topokki stall, and build various facilities
And decorate the sea with pretty lamps to make your street even more romantic!

To the moon!

Tap the screen to mine Goldcloud ore and build stalls to increase your Revenue.
You might start off with little money, but you’ll see that this business really works wonders!

Easy money is good for your soul

Just relax, we’ll take care of the money-making part!
Your stalls will automatically make you money even if you just leave them alone.
All you have to do is to upgrade your stalls with that money!
Take a step outside of reality, and have fun in this convenient and pretty street.

Find various customers

Share hearts to your customers to find even more.
Your street will become even more interesting.

Are you ready to run your new business?
We’re excited to see your business acumen.

Starry Sea Tycoon user reviews :

At its heart it’s a standard idle clicker game. This makes it easy to pick up and play. What makes it stand out is the frills the devs have added. For starters it’s very graphical. You aren’t just adding bonuses, you can see them right away. The hearts feature is a nice addition. The music selection is nicely thought out. Rather than simply turn out another idle clicker the devs really gave this game some thought. Devs like this should be encouraged to make more games.

Loving this game, easy to understand and very enjoyable. Would love to see in view mode a second option for street view. Able to walk down the street and check out the venders up close and view the water while the lanterns float by would really be cool.

  • Thanks for playing. We appreciate the great feedback. We will actively review this feedback.

No forced ads. Ads are optional, but very beneficial to growth if you watch them. Definitely a “Sky’s the limit” kind of game. Beautiful in its simplicity.

I really like this game. Both the atmosphere and the gameplay. it is a clicker, but there is also a logic minigame. The graphic is beautiful, and there are no forced ads. 5*

  • Thank you for playing ^^ We will do our best to make the game more fun.

Cute little game, no forced ads, fluid play. Lots to do and it’s a nice relaxing game. I love it!

Played the game for a bit and exit it. But when i went back, it got stuck on loading screen.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We will fix this error quickly.

it’s great, awesome. so relaxing when get bored or waiting someone and something. eazy game to. goodjob

Hello, Can u fix The bug where I cannot open anything although Great game but alot of bugs.

simple and relaxing the music and the setting is everything

super fun. No accessive ad’s and very idle based.

Fun game, familiar loop but nice looking and relaxing.

Why i have only dark screen? When i can i have the light ?

  • We apologize for any inconvenience to your play. Let’s take a look at this error.

Great casual game, boardwalk shops meets noodle tycoon vibes.

The graphics, the theme, everything in this game are so stunning. Out of all tycoon games that I’m playing, this is my favorite one so far

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