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Static Shift RacingModify your car, choose from an endless assortment of customization options, then take your ride to the streets to prove your metal on the pavement. Verse real players in an open world made for racing!

Car customization is the heart of Static Shift Racing. Its in-depth modification options enable you to build and drive the car of your dreams.

Browse an exhaustive catalog of unique modifications, including rims, bumpers, side skirts, full body kits, spoilers, hoods, and so much more.
Personalize your car with a custom paint job.
Adjustable suspension and camber empower you to enhance the stance of your car.
Install upgrades to increase the performance of your car and help you dominate your rivals.

Tear through the streets of Static Nation, a vast open-world playground comprised of multiple thriving districts. Explore sweeping highways, race through dirty industrial zones, and drift on forested mountain passes. Stay tuned for updates, as additional districts will soon expand the city limits of Static Nation.

Compete against real opponents in nail-biting races to prove your driving skill and earn exciting rewards in an array of electrifying race types:

Experience high-speed Circuit Races
Go all out in Sprint Races
Flex your drifting ability in Drift Sprints
Get the highest score in Drift Attack
Come in clutch in Marker Hunt

Challenges scattered throughout the world allow you to demonstrate your driving ability, from drift-based challenges to time trials. Static Shift Racing’s unique mix of activities will keep you entertained.

Static Shift Racing’s car list just keeps on expanding. Unlock legendary cars from the 80s and 90s and drive them to the absolute limit. Each car has hundreds of customization options, allowing you to build a truly unique car. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming cars being added to the game.

Static Shift Racing delivers stunning graphics to bring you an unrivaled mobile gaming experience. Drift, drive, and race through a meticulously created open world, enjoying true-to-life car visuals on your mobile device.

Static Shift Racing supports controllers! Just connect your controller and give it a go. The controller is not supported in the menus and is purely for driving. Get out there and dominate with your peripherals!

Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate underground street racing KING? Get behind the wheel and find out! Download Static Shift Racing for free now!

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Static Shift Racing user reviews :

The game is extremely interesting. With great music and a actual open world which is VERY impressive and unique even if it’s rather small it’s to be expected. But the very slow grind and repetitive nature without any real competition is really holding it back. With that being said tho it’s still a pretty impressive game and I hope it becomes even better in the future. And as a quick side note it’s pretty obvious that it took inspiration from the era of NFS underground 2 and MW 2005, nice!

Brings back Underground 2 vibes, will definitely keep this game for a while to see its evolution and I hope the devs won’t disappoint. At the moment there are only a few cars and one map but it has gigantic potential. Indeed the ticket system is cliché but that won’t stop me from enjoying it. The graphics are beautiful and it is noticeable that devs have put quality over quantity so big ups for that! Can’t wait for upcoming cars and maps. Best, Sentryx

Used to be five stars (for the physics, ambiance, music and the rest), but since early march update, there’s a huge difficulty spike. Pre-update: the difficulty was progressive and ramped up as the player gained skill, which was perfectly executed. Post-update: going from super easy missions to winning by two hundredth of a second while following a perfect trajectory, right at the beginning, is very discouraging; especially for new players. It’s still an AWESOME street racing game for mobile tho

  • Hi thanks for your feedback, we have very recently made some adjustments to the difficulty, and we hope it will be less frustrating.

Good graphic. Good open world. Great car. But the series are too long. And bored. Same track only different mission. Too long to get to higher level. Im on level 8 but im bored already to finish all the series to getting higher level. I tried to buy the tier 2 car and it is impossible to getting the score needed. I like to play this game but im bored already. Plus my game getting laggy when i turned on the online option. No setting for graphic. Music is to loud compared to the car sound.

Simple to understand, simple gameplay and easy to progress is what makes this game addictive. A game should be enjoyable, not stressful and this game is a prime example of a joyful game. Background music is a banger, which is an important aspect for racing game to keep up the mood. The challenges are very fun and those marker hunt are absolutely unique. Still a new game and it already have a great potential, looking forward what it might be in the future. Last but not least, fun map to cruise.

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