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SteamWith the free Steam app for Android, you can participate in the Steam community wherever you go. Chat with your Steam friends, browse community groups and user profiles, read the latest gaming news and stay up to date on unbeatable Steam sales.

Steam user reviews:

Valve owns the PC gaming market, and the lack of significant competition has allowed them to get away with building an app that feels like an afterthought. Basic tasks like searching the store or trying to view preview pics/movies of games feel like using a zoomed in version of their desktop software instead of using a dedicated mobile app. I love Steam, but their mobile app is evidence that they are taking advantage of their market dominance.

amazing,i can tint soma from my phone now , well since 2018-april.., Provides a great security measure to your steam account. the features are amazing,it makes trades instant,community market listings instant as well,you can buy games from your mobile phone,you can edit your profile from your phone,and many more!, this is a great app and i personally recommend it to every one, it will secure your account from hackers, but for now, A great app and im glad the people at Valvehq thought of this

Useful in many ways. But it is not much polished. For example:- 1) I can’t see items on my wishlist. The whole wishlist section is useless. 2)[Edit-1] I can’t see my friends gamelist with this app. However steam app for mobile made particular things easier. 3)[Edit-2] Now I think this app is not just unpolished but broken also. I can’t browse special/items on sale. I can’t even add items to my wishlist now. 4)[Edit-3] Seriously? Minor bug fix>Major bug fix?

Very slick interface, very responsive, the store and chat work like a charm. I even changed my name in the profile! Well done! Only problem was the steam cloud, couldnt find the setting for it, I’d like the ability to change that! I would love to see some integration with google play, selling mobile games and the like. Steam App Store!

Installed primarily for chat – but also for the ability to buy games when away from home, as is often the case for holidays. Disappointed that there isn’t a way to set my status. I plan to run this most of the time and wanted a way to set myself “away” while at work.

I love steam. The app is good, but has some minor kinks to work out. For instance, the game time played in your profile says hours but the number displayed is minutes. Very good app, stable, and lets me message my friends.

The only things that it misses are Paypal support and ability to install the purchased games on your PC, so that I can buy a game while I’m commuting or shopping and when I get home it’s already installed on my PC, ready to play.

I really do like this, but for me personally it is very redundant without group chat. That said, it works great for normal chat, game buying and game viewing.

Interface is slick and has a lot to offer in regards to communication and letting you know about specials. However, often pages don’t load properly or crash halfway through. Knowing Valve, the issues will go away soon enough and the app will continue to get better as more tools and updates are implemented. HTC Velocity 4G.

Now this app allows you to install games onto your PC remotely, so it’s actually useful! Also the notification icon can be turned off, which I appreciate.

I love all the features on it. I especially love that I can buy a game and have my computer start downloading it. However, when scrolling the page goes black and I have to reload and cannot reach the bottom of the page

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