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[Game] Steering Wheel Evolution

Steering Wheel EvolutionSteering wheel evolution is a fun racing game where you get to steer the wheel, drive to evolve the coolest race cars, and get the supercar collection by doing a car evolution and car upgrade!

Your jet car 3d and steering will will help you do the right car upgrade and see the car evolution through your eyes! Do a 3d tuning to your car and make it evolve from old trash car to a muscle car!

Become a racing master with the help of the hot wheels, collect more money and on the way to victory enjoy the shape-shifting of the wheel that will evolve in the coolest car at the end! You will get many cool cars! You sure you handle them all?

In Steering wheel evolution, you’ll be able to collect the most insane steering wheels out there and build yourself an amazing race car collection. Get the best steering wheels, customize the cars, drive to evolve and get the supercar collection at highest level! If you can handle them all good, If not, you can always put them on sale!

Car upgrade is the best feature in one of the best fun car games! Your car collection has many cars that can handle a good upgrade and car evolution. Do a 3d tuning and make your jet car 3d look like a driving masterpiece! Make those hot wheels burn!

You can also sell some of the cars from your collection. Choose the race cars you want to sell and make more money out of them!
This game is super cool and fun, just like the hyper drift, level up cars, hot wheels and many fun car games.

Are you ready to make a 3d tuning car evolution and get the supercar collection?

Play Steering Wheel Evolution!

Steering Wheel Evolution user reviews :

It’s a great game with quite a good amount of enjoyment, which would’ve made it 5 stars . But I took away the 2 stars because of these two reasons 1. Adverts The adverts pop up on the multiplier wheel or to play a special round . But most of all, when u finish a level . They pop up every time! 2. Repetition The cars are all cool, but one problem I’m facing is that I keep getting the same cars ! If you could improve that I would give this 5 stars

I really like this game its really fun but there is one major problem there are too many ads ever button I press there is a add every level and even during a level there is a add and it always makes me go on the red side so there are to many adds and they definitely need to relimit the adds and it would definitely make the game better.

It is a great game but there is one mistake every time I see a ad that has different cars but you have to watch to a ad and every time I see the ferries or Lambo I go to it but when I go through it it gives me a bad car

I would have given this game five stars but I didn’t I gave it two stars because of two reasons one because of the ads the ads just pop up every level you go sometimes even when you’re playing the game I’m the second thing is that they always make it go too fast and glitches too much

this is a nice game but I hate how if some ad comes it resets completely everything. The more you play this game the money gets bigger like red board and blue board but if you leave this game the money goes down to like 800 dollars to 17k dollars. It’s fine it’s still a great game!

First off, why are there so many ads? I can’t go about 15 seconds playing the game without 1 or 2 ads. Second, why do I need wifi in an offline game? Just so you can give me more ads. At this point, I’ve watched ads MORE than playing the actual game. Would not recommend.

This game is best all cars are there but,name of these cars are fake or not real.And there not so many ads. This is almost good. but if a race will so long this is best. please make the races more longer and more expensive

This game is pretty great but when the upgrade to Lambo kind of cars for watching an ad type thing comes up, I watch the ad, and it restarted me. Also the add are a bit annoying.

The game is pretty good if you love cars but it’s not good for people who cannot see good like me I’m legally blind but I can still see the screen and it moves a little too fast they need to add more brands like Chevy Ford Dodge and any other car brand that is known in popular but it’s a great game

It’s very good I’m like getting more cars…… expensive cars each time I play just I’m male but if I want male avatar you have to pick girl gender pls fix it. I like this game it’s very satisfying.Thanks and pls fix my problem

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