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StepikLearn anywhere you want with Stepik Mobile App.

Stepik is a platform with the best online courses devoted to Computer Science and everything tech-related. Learn data structures, Python programming, statistics and many other useful skills.

Access video lectures and assignments on the go.
Download lectures to study even when you’re offline.
Never forget a deadline by easily importing them in the calendar
Connect with your fellow students and get your questions answered instantaneously by engaging in the comment section.
Set reminders to motivate yourself and study regularly to maintain and improve your personal record.
Earn certificates and share them with your friends or improve your job prospects by sharing them on LinkedIn.
Adjust the speed of the video playback for optimal learning experience.

Stepik user reviews :

Just skimmed through a few different courses. Inferior content. Period! Some of the instructors really suck at it. For example, that lady who claims to be an English teacher and tries teaching Technical Writing and English pronunciation. She is cringeworthy, to say the least. These guys should really set the bar a little higher while picking teachers/instructors.

Too many ux points need to be fixed! 1> Show what courses you’re offering instead of login screen. 2> Add more content. The number of courses you’re offering is pretty laughable. 3> Show the content of the courses. I don’t want to repeat what I’ve learned already. 4> Some of the tutors don’t have their profile. You need to keep these stuffs consistent. Apart from that. Apparently you don’t carry any unique courses. These all can easily be found on YouTube with their playlist. It’s good you have certification and such, but you need to get from basics to advanced type format. Many YouTube playlist don’t have that.

Very messy UI, courses are not ordered and not tagged correctly, the rating system is completely obscure. This app can be useful for 2 purposes only: improving your english and learning the first steps in python or java – there are almost no courses about anything else. With an improved UI and more content, this app can really be great.

This app has been extremely useful for me in my graduate studies, and I really wanted to thank you guys for providing such a great app. I was curious, even though the site is primarily a russian site, would there be any potential plans to translate/subtitle some of your more popular courses in russian into other languages as well? A lot of the content looks fantastic, and simply translating the textual lessons and providing subtitles in foreign languages could greatly increase the scope of your target audience

Pros: There are many courses in varied subjects. It’s free. Course I’ve taken has been concise but comprehensive. Cons: The quizzes I’ve experienced have not adhered to technical, or previously established, terminology. Quiz wording has been ambiguous. Typos. Can’t beat a free course.

Great app, but it would be much better to see the right answer to quiz after, for example, 10 tries. Or to have a button for it, when you won’t get poins anyways. When you have 6 options and from 1 to 6 of them can be right, you start to hate it because you want to know the answer.

Everything looks clean cut and professionally done, however I found the course selection limited, for my interests. Why not indicate what type of courses are on offer, rather than people having to create an account… etc. Other than that, I can’t offer any feedback. Didn’t try to access a course.

At first I felt the English was a bit awkward. After a few lessons in Java I don’t even notice it. The lessons are great. The difficulty is perfect. I have 35 yrs of programming for engineering effort experience and am looking to brush up on skills. I highly recommend Stepik.

very useful app, it really improves user experience while using stepik on mobile devices. especially i like possibilities to watch videos on background and when the screen is turned off. it would be cool if video progress could be kept so that i could return to the moment i stopped at last time

I would say that this is a bit different than other online platforms of learning and you really need to hold on since to complete the course. But I see that once you complete these courses which are more text based, you get a strong understanding of the subject which is great.

The app is good and the content of the courses is great. It would be great if you they add notes or highlighting features in app, that would help in marking the important points of the text, that is otherwise done manually in a notebook.

Stepik has unique and efective way of teaching things compared to most other online learning websites. I would like to have more courses in english. provide an option in profile for preferred languages and display courses in that language only. otherwise its difficult for us to find appropriate courses

The code test instructions (for the js course at least) aren’t written clearly at all so even simple problems become confusing. I know other languages and still scratched my head trying to figure out what I was meant to do. For a beginner I imagine this would be demotivating.

The app has great interface and knowledge and it consists of free courses, I would suggest the developer to include more and more courses, which could be a great experience for everyone. Everybody to whom I suggested this app, liked the app.

Excellent app!! A dark mode will be a great addition and some tweaks in the UI will also help make it better. The courses are great and the app does what the description says. Hope it will get more and more refined with time.

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