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Epic Stickman Revenge is a mix of Roguelike and classical RPG. This game lets you join in the Shadow ninja world with beautiful graphic epic adventure action. Unlock power by map, collect the best equipment and fight against with strongest shadow monster. Welcome to the ninja realm! FIGHT NOW!

From the studio of Shadow of Death
Stickman Ninja series has been downloaded more than 40 million times

Legend has it that the monsters have wipeout the entire land, their ambitious goal is to control human civilization and make them slaves, including the ninja clan. In this story, some ninja heroes are reborn, they carry within themselves the power of shadow, their journey is to take revenge and save the world.

Provide beautiful graphic epic fighting action game with shadow scenery and stickman ninja style.

Control your ninja like in the epic classical shadow fight games and get an upgrade-level battle experience than other action games.

Unlock 3 Shadow Ninja characters. Collect unique skins and upgrade power for a different look.

Survival to unlock ninja power and choose passive skills that suit your fighting style.

Influence the storyline by fighting with powerful monsters, explore the ninja world, and unlock new journeys.

Even when all of the main story chapters are over, the journey continues. The Boss Raid mode will challenge the player’s skill. Moreover, PvP mode will be updated soon.

Stickman revenge allows you to play offline and no need wifi to work.

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It is ideal to play Stickman Revenge on a device with 1GB RAM or higher.
If you are playing on a device with less RAM, you will encounter unsatisfying game performance, and we recommend playing on a device that meets the requirements instead.

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Stickman Revenge user reviews :

Amazing game and hoping for better gameplay with the next updates. There were just few bugs in my few hours playing this game: 1. Some levels after you finish them the pathway to next level is still locked. I experienced this three times at Story 6 in hard mode. 2. If you jump too high sometimes the character doesn’t go back down, then you’ll be stuck in that level. 3. There are times after jumping the character gets stuck upon landing. Despite all the bugs I think it’s still an amazing game.

This is really an amazing game, one of the best I have played in a while, but there are a few bugs. The biggest problem is that when we are playing against a boss, especially the last one, the damage that the sword does drops by a LOT. My heroic sword is supposed to have 75000 damage but it did only 200 damage. Also, in the “Hell” mode, after the first boss, at the last arena (or whatever you want to call it), you cannot go to the next part. Otherwise, amazing game!

Its a good game but there is some limitations like: 1). You cant continue your game if add is not available.. I mean there should be some coins needed in game to continue… . 2). I dont know for what purpose, rune is used.. Will you please tell me?? But I have to say that it is a very good game….

This game has been so much fun! I don’t usually write reviews, however the gameplay was nice and straight to the point. To get upgrades and equipment in the game were quite easy, and there’s no “money traps”. The ads you watch you get rewarded for. So overall would recommend as a nice chill game.

Love it great game. The only issue I have is that the menu gets bugged after a while, I can’t collect gems the ranged character doesn’t show anything, etc. But other than that this is great. Also the bugs gave me an excuse to uninstall then reinstall it. Great game, definitely recommend.

Wooooowwwww I Love this game I can say this is one of the greatest stickman fight game I ever played but it have bugs in the character menu sometimes the atacks numbers are wrong. Please add the other three game modes that you said your working on it. I now you’ve worked hard for the game I now every single comment that every person wrote was unfair cause you can’t program everything . if i was you I would make 10% of 1 the mini game each 2 days. you’ve promised the other game modes thaaankkkks.

ngl this is a good game ever the mode are just perfect and the story line however, when i clicked the log in (Facebook) it’s shows loading only but the log in didn’t proceed, I think there’s bug about saving section. I hope developer can fix this ASAP.. thank you. would be great if there’s no bug.

it was great but there were some bugs that could be fixed. like if you pick the sword stickman you can go out of the map with jumping – attacking – jumping – attacking – dashing – attacking. or the hero area got bugged after some time and the characters were not visible and if you went to another page it crashed the game. hope this bugs will get fixed but overall great game keep it up.

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