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Stingray MusicWe’ve done all the work so you don’t have to.

Listen to music channels lovingly curated for all the moments that matter.

Perfect for when you just want to sit back and enjoy great tunes!

Absolutely FREE. Upgrade to the premium version for an ad-free experience.
FREE access to the premium version with your Stingray Music TV provider. Authenticate instantly with audio signal recognition or use your TV provider’s single login.

1000s of expertly curated music channels in over hundreds of genres*.
Unlimited skips.
A customized listening experience: like your favorite songs to increase their rotation and block songs and artists to exclude them.
Filters to find channels according to activity, mood, theme, occasions, and local trends.*
Compatibility with the Sonos wireless hifi system, airplay, and Chromecast.
The possibility of taking your favorite music for a ride with Apple Carplay and android auto.
High quality audio.
The option of sharing channels on your social networks.
A timer to fall asleep to your favorite music channel.
Channel descriptions and information about the expert curators.

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Life’s on you. Music’s on us.

*Only available in certain countries. Visit for more information.

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Never run out of music! The Stingray music app brings you unlimited music streaming everywhere life takes you.

Stingray Music user reviews :

Love stingray, app needs work. Music selection and quality are good. Authentication was simple enough. The music stops a lot when listening in my car over bluetooth, and doesn’t automatically come back. I need to press play/resume on the radio buttons. I’d love the ability to skip/change stations (switch between “my” channels) with the media buttons (next/previous) so I can change channels hands-free while driving.

App needs more options, like creat a favorite list and the search engine needs to be upgraded. I did searches for local stations and even if I typed literally the exact name the station is shown on the app, it returns my search with no results. I gave it a 3 because the sound quality is good either with a free or paid subscription. But that’s pretty much it. I think my 2 suggestions are at this point a minimum to have for this type of app and not just a timer. Loll

Great for streaming music, however there should be some adjustments. I don’t see the point of selecting favourite songs because you can’t complile and playback those chosen songs. When you search for an artist, the “channel” doesn’t immediately play the artist. Good you can block songs and artists though. Song selection gets repetitive after awhile. Guess they only have licenses for certain songs.

A little repetitive. Crashes often. I reinstalled it like advised. It still takes two attempts to get it to Chromecast. Very repetitive and some channels only play two songs of some artists. The same two songs every time. Almost at the same time of day. Very Groundhog Day. If Stingray was a DJ they would never be hired. Moved to Spotify. Waaaay more diverse.

  • Hi Rob, Thanks for your feedback. If ever you are experiencing difficulty with the mobile app, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance at Thank you.

Great selection of music and I especially like the dialer knob for fast access to changing stations within the same genre. Being mostly a paid app, it would be nice if we could start a song again from the beginning after it begins playing instead of only a skip ahead button. Overall, I dropped Sirius XM and am focused on Stingray now. Thanks

Since it is included with my TV subscription why not? There are so many channels here. Easy to filter by genre, mood etc. Having favourite songs and building playlists is fine, but it’s nice to explore new music curated by others. Thanks!

I gave this only 3 stars cause I had to delete it from my phone, I really loved it but even on wifi it would just sit and buffer, I’ve installed and deleted and reinstalled and always the same thing. Update got the app to work perfectly for me love it and all the genre’s to bad won’t let you created a Playlist but love it all the same

i enjoy T music & minimal reference to appreciate the channel/source – T no mind control advertising – T ability to have T music continous, even if my phone goes to it’s lock screen or if i want to continue using my phone for other – but – ya that butt() – if would be pleasant if : there were channels for freq/vibe health & healing – dog & cat channels – & – a Way to find a favourable artist without having to connect to a channel ~ that ~ may not play them for a few days – ALTOGETHER WondeRFuL

I’m having trouble with the App. I can’t get it to shut off. I open it to listen to music and I can’t get it to quit playing music. It automatically connects to my car and I can’t get back to the normal car radio. It does it constantly and just recently started this. Help!

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