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[Game] Stone Breaker – Match-3 RPG

Stone BreakerA completely new take on match-3 puzzle games, with stunning artistic beauty. Kick back and enjoy it!

Forge your own forces and repel the invading armies of evil that threaten the seven kingdom’s existence!

Solve Match 3 Puzzles
Send your heroes to the victory by matching colorful gems and creating epic combos!

Explore a vast world and battle humongous bosses
Set yourself for an epic adventure through different worlds and meet challenging creatures!

Amazing Graphics
Experience fully animated monsters and fantasy creatures, epic loot, powerful heroes and visual effects in a stylistic fantasy world!

Hone your heroes
Collect over seventy heroes from five unique elements! Gain experience and rewards while AFK!

Employ unique strategies
Strategize! Combine heroes, skills, auras and elemental bonuses to outplay your enemies!

Stone Breaker user reviews :

Removed the Raid option to get levelling materials? Why? The game is grindy enough as is. Now I’m forced to wait for pages, potions and scrolls on levels I’ve already 3 stared… The new UI filter for the forge was completely unnecessary. Why do I need an extra 4 taps and an extra sub menu selection that was handled easily with 1 tap previous update? Dumb changes for the sake of complexity, game padding and visuals over functionality. Uninstalled.

  • We added an away option, you can just close the game or do the arena/boss battles meanwhile. Raiding was not available for the memories dungeon before. The multi battle allows you to do so now and you don’t have to burn your battery. As for the filters, there’s an arrow that brings up the old filter shortcuts.

Not a bad match 3 game, but there are some balance issues that need to be worked out such as the ultimate bar for the enemy; God help you if you need to awaken light or dark heroes and you are going for a 3 star run. The starter heroes are well balanced but starting at 2 star when they are 3 star when pulled in the gatcha system is rediculous. Also there is no reason to keep the forge locked until reaching a higher rank. All that does is prevent people from getting better gear and give up.

  • Thanks for your feedback, can you please give us more details about the ultimate bar issue? Best would be to contact us directly on discord (link in game: settings, discord) or send us an email at support[at] Appreciate your help thanks!

Great and refreshing take on the match 3 genre. Love how they handle matching 4+. World 2 Boss is HARD but you feel good when you finally beat it, it just takes some time leveling up. Replay some stages for rewards, upgrade everything. So far FTP and doing fine.

It’s a solid match-3 game with great character art and interesting mechanics. It suffers slightly from the typical gatcha game symptoms like leveling up taking absolutely forever without buying certain items. That being said, it’s still absolutely playable without spending money, the guilds are fair, and the equipment system is very robust.

This is a very fun game, it’s incredibly easy to pick up and play. I’ve almost completed the story already after like a week of playing so it’s very easy to progress, Definitely recommend this game 9/10 Edit: still playing this game after almost 2 months, and it’s still a ton of fun, I finished what not is the story is currently out now and I managed to join a top 10 guild and I’m just having a great time. My updated rating is now 10/10 excited for the new update!

Tried to find a good match 3 game and so far I think this is it. Nice looking, UI is fast and makes sense most of the time, gameplay seems to have as much of a skill element as you can expect from what is basically glorified slots.

The best match 3 style game on the market!! That being said I’d like to see these tweaks. Training room yielding way more xp. 24hrs for a level is awful. Dailey dungeon stage 3 is way to op. Gold is hard to get later game. And if I’m 3000 points higher than someone in arena they should not be able to beat me. So we need to clarify if power or luck is more important. Still a daily player though. Looking forward to what it becomes.

  • Thank you for your suggestions, really appreciate your feedback. We also have a channel on our discord (link in settings) for all suggestions, please join and let’s talk about your ideas!

One of the better Match-3 games out there. Ads are kept to a minimum and while there are in-game purchase options, with enough grit and know-how you can compete as a free player. Discord is active, and while the story is short, there are plenty of events and dungeons that rotate to keep gameplay fresh and challenging. Clean art is a bonus, and an attentive team addresses balance issues regularly. I’ll be playing for awhile.

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