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[App] Storage Analyzer and Disk Usage

Storage Analyzer and Disk UsageStorage Analyzer and Disk Usage displays information on sdcard, usb devices, sd-cards, external and internal storage in a simple and clear graphical form (infographics).

Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage helps to free up disk space and clean file trash by quickly finding and deleting big files with sunburst chart and other helpful modes.

At this time it’s the most advanced and interactive disk usage visualization cleaner on Google Play. This application is an essential addition to any file browser. it is very simple and convenient tool to search for files by size, type, date and other criteria.

Folders and Files are represented as a Sunburst chart and sorted by their size.
Central chart sector is a current directory. Its represented by a circle. The rest of the sector is the subfolders and files. Click on the sector and we go deeper. Application draws nested levels with a head of previously selected sector.

Disk & storage analyzer displays mount points as a pie chart with a free and available space and the distribution of files by category (documents, images, videos, music, etc.) and extensions (for example, the distribution of the Music has subcategory mp3, wma, ogg, etc.)

All contents of the device is indexed at run. Full drive search can be done in a second. Founded files are displayed on the Quick Search page after entering a search query.

Global Top Ten largest files mode is available.

User-friendly interface allows you quickly switch between modes and pages.

You have the following pages in the application:

FILE CATEGORIES. All files in internal and external storage, SD card or USB device are presented in a structured way:
By category (documents, videos, music, etc.)
By file size (large, large, medium, etc.).
By date (today and yesterday, last week, etc.)

Device’s Storages page displays the summary statistics for available storage.

how to analyze storage on android

Drive UsageSunburst chard is an Intuitive and effective way to display the data on the device. Simply drill-in and you will discover inner data universe. If you have used WinDirStat, Linux Baobab, Disk Space Fun or TreeSize you are welcome!

Top 10 Files mode shows you where all the free space on the device has disappeared

Quick Search mode shows the result of search or a content of a chosen category.

Application contains beautiful widget with clear design. Widget allows to control disk space from a launch screen and displays free and occupied space of internal storage. Widget can be resized if your android os version allows it.

Application is still in development, so there may be unexpected force closes. Better FEEDBACK than low rating. Please write me be email and I’ll help you. Thank you!

Storage Analyzer and Disk Usage user reviews :

Is there anyway you’d be willing to briefly allow, those who were interested, to Try Out your Pro Version on a temporary bases? This file manager is hands down the BEST by design, graphics, color scheme, ECT. There are a few concepts that could be added that would totally eliminate absolutely any idea that any other would be better. I will not mention these publically. Great work!! Astounding

  • Thanks for such positive review!

This is an essential app you should have on your phone. Great look inside ALL the files on your phone which usually go unseen. Any time you “delete” anything on your phone, chances are it wasn’t fully deleted and the files, or remnants of them, are still there in some form or another. This is the best app I’ve found that will actually show you all this stuff, which you can fully delete. Also shows biggest files taking up space so can fully delete those if you want, freeing up space. Great app!

Immensely helpful with a great visual breakdown. My Samsung system storage is one of the rare few that does not come with the “clean up” function, and it was holding my photos/ videos accountable for the 99% storage overload. This app brought it back down to 67% with app cache clearing and the notorious ‘Other’ storage stashing that browsers and apps are known to do on Samsungs between OTAs. No photos or videos were the issue here. Thank you Thank you!

Cleared 30 GB of junk on my phone in seconds. This app is very intuitive to use, identifying old or useless files, such as whatsapp video shares etc is a breeze. You would be surprised how this app helps you find files you simply forgot about and just lying there eating memory.

The feature of sorting files by size won’t work, then the app is useless because we need to still find the large files by hand!
  • Anton Patapovich
  • I’ll test and fix it

PROOF there is still intelligent life on E-A-R-T-H!!!!!!! Only took a few moments before going PRO! Just wish there was a “ROOT” version available…… Best damned storage descriptor app EVER MADE in the Android Universe!!!!!!

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