Stormbound Kingdom Wars – Immerse yourself in the rich world

[Game] Stormbound Kingdom Wars

Stormbound Kingdom Wars  Immerse yourself in the rich world of Stormbound, as four kingdoms struggle for dominance. Construct a deck of unique and powerful cards and then dive into real-time battles against other players.

Novel gameplay combines your favorite aspects of collectible card games with the tactical strategy of board games. Play cards from your hand to the game board and then watch your units march on the enemy base.


Tactical gameplay that rewards the most clever strategists
Real-time PVP battles against players all around the globe
Dozens of powerful cards to collect and upgrade!
Incredible 2D and 3D art immerses you in the world of Stormbound
Four distinct kingdoms with unique advantages and playstyles

Please Note: Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is a free-to-play game, but some extra game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Stormbound Kingdom Wars user reviews :

I don’t think there is any bad thing about this game. It is absolutely amazing. The ranking and the rewarding systems are soo good and I also like the graphics very much. It is, indeed, a very chalenging game. In my present rank, I struggle to win matches, but I think that is the point : to struggle until you win. I definetly recommend this game!!!!!!!! Trust me, it is good…otherwise I wouldn’t have stayed 5 minutes to write this review

I absolutely loved the game. After playing for a bit though, I’m not sure if I want to continue because of how few cards you get. There’s not an easy way to really make a specific deck, you have to just build whatever you have enough cards for. I really like deck building and this game does scratch that itch – but not quite enough. If they improve card earning frequency, this game easily gets 5 stars. Since in all other aspects, it is fantastic.
  • sheepyard
  • Thanks for sharing your honest review, Shyva! Have you also tried using the daily check-in calendar, completing quests, and participating in our social media events? You can get there quite a number of additional resources you could spend on the new cards. Hopefully, you’ll get everything you’re looking for soon

The concept of the game itself is pretty fun, and the game latches on to you and is fun for the first climbs in the ladder. But soon the game becomes entirely pay2win. The game has two different currency systems: gold and gems. Gems are used for more expensive packs, while gold can be used for cheap packs. Gems can be bought and can get the rarest cards in the game. But then there’s the upgrade system, which incentives buying packs with money. It’s pay2win, without a casual mode and is ‘fun’.

Solid strategy game, simple to learn, but extremely deep and complex. Amazing art style, which kind of reminds me of samurai jack art. The 4 (5?) factions are unique and interesting, so much so that i have difficulty choosing my favorite. It sometimes is frustrating because of pay to win, only early on, but you can eventually earn what is available in the store. Despite that you can see I still give it 5 stars.

For wht is essentially a card game, in whivh you build decks with which you strategically try to push for the enemy base and destroy it.. It is exactly that. Its clean, it doesn’t use annoying pop-ups when you sign in, it doesn’t force you to buy anything, and the game has achievable goals to help you acquire resources (gold) you need to be able to afford upgrades to your cards. I’m not far in, but so far, my experienceso far is positive.

Okay first off the game has really great art and design. Gameplay is unique by being a mix of chess with cards. The F2P and P2P aspects could be a bit better. Upgrading your cards shouldn’t cost gold. Redrawing cards can be a bit hard sometimes, perhaps change how it is done? Maybe holding on the card long enough gives the option to click a redraw button. Units on the board could look different based on the card art, and attack/defend animations could be expanded.

The character art and background design is phenomenal. But after finishing about just 1 campaign i know that this game is heading toward the oversaturated card pvp genre. I just hope that you guys can see some offline campagin inclusions into this game so that more casual players can play . Also there should be a simpler way for people to obtain cards to complete the collection without having to spend money.

Latest Update :

2 new cards
7 new avatars
UI improvements
New Special Offers
New Brawl
Fix and tweaks

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