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Storyngton Hall  Storyngton Hall Match Three & Decorate a House is a game designed for lovers of casual games, romance, exciting tales of lords and ladies, and addictive puzzles and challenges.

Match and win: Solve exciting 3 in a row puzzles!

Hone your interior design skills: Build your dream home and surround it with stunning, lush gardens.
Build and discover: Unlock new areas in your home and gardens to practice your landscaping and interior decorating skills on.
Throw a lavish ball: Become the host with the most as you throw a marvelous ball for your neighbors. You may even help Jane find love.
A story like no other: Unravel the mysteries of Storyngton Hall and the colorful characters who pass through its walls and gardens.
Play with friends: Invite your friends from Facebook and tackle 3 in a row levels together.

Follow the story of the Green family as they move to a Recency-era mansion in desperate need of renovation. Pass match-3 levels and help the family renovate, decorate, and design their dream house and gardens. Mrs. Green dreams to be the talk of the town, hosting the most beautiful balls in the land and helping her daughter, Jane, find true love. The beautiful Jane wishes to work on her romance novels and meet the man of her dreams. Mr. Green would just like to get a little rest. Help the family make their dreams come true by designing and landscaping a stunning family mansion and lavish gardens fit for a king. Be careful though, the wicked Lady Wroth attempts to wreak havoc on the Greens at every turn with her evil machinations.

Storyngton Hall is a free to play match-3 game sure to tick all the boxes for lovers of romance, interior design, and exciting puzzles. Download Storyngton Hall today for a taste of Regency life in a stunning mansion that you can renovate and build yourself! Hours of match-3 gameplay fun to keep you coming back for more!

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Storyngton Hall user reviews :

I’ve been having a problem with the game freezing. i reached out to the developers and was told they can’t or will not help me due to the device I am playing on. I am playing on the correct device. Very odd response. Guess they can’t or don’t want to figure out the problem. The developer pretty much in so many words told me to go screw myself. If I could give a zero I would. I was enjoying this game…was on level 413. The problem started after their update.
  • Sorry for the problem. We need to further evaluate your situation. Please contact us at storyngton-support[at] and we will help you as soon as possible.
Level 157 is more than hard. It’s difficult. On top of that you rarely get any boosters. You send team players lives, and they don’t send any back. That’s not what I call teamwork. Thinking about uninstalling, unless it improves! I looked for how to play, instructions, or studio levels. I didn’t find squat. I have been stuck on one lwvel for three days. Not enough boosters or rewards! Uninstalling! Frustrating game!
  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates. Please check our Levels Library with tips&tricks of passing. Hope you’ll have lot of fun! And never forget about boosters for free :)

In the beginning this game is fun, but as you move up in levels you are forced to go on Facebook to save your progress and continue making improvements to your mansion. If you don’t join Facebook you can’t continue to make improvements you can only play the game matching boards.I do not play games on Facebook so for that reason I uninstalled this game. Too bad you’re allowing Facebook to control hiw or what one plays.

The graphics/animations are good but it feels slow with the story line. I have to wait longer than I’d like to skip a cutscene, and the cutscene takes just as long as waiting to get the skip button to pop up so it really just feels like a drag. Story isnt great. The puzzle and main aspect of the game, however, is good. If you can look past the story bits, the puzzles are entertaining and I don’t feel super pressured to spend money just to get to the next level.

Latest Update :

Ladies and gentlemen, while some of the mysteries are still unsolved, new ones are already emerging in abundance:

Mr. de Ross shows his engineering talent again
Jane learns about Edward’s secret partner, who was Mama’s long-time admirer
Lady Leanwood tells James to get out
Golda makes herself comfortable in the Greens’ manor.

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