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StoryroomStoryroom, a corner for your soft heart.

Storyroom is a romantic world where you can dive into thousands of attractive romantic stories. Are you a fan of webnovel? Billionaire CEOs? Bossy bad boys? You should really have a try now!

Why Storyroom?
Countless copyrighted original novels you can only enjoy on Storyroom
Multiple genres included, recommend the right one for you!
New stories updated on a daily basis
New free stories updated on a weekly basis
Super easy to read, all you need to do is to slide the screen
Enjoy reading even when you’re offline

Key Features
Unique Typesetting: comparable to the layout of paper books
Screen Rotation: vertical and horizontal screen supported
Eye-protection Mode: reading without tiredness
Auto-Read: Auto-Read liberates your hands
Build Your Own Library: manage your books like drag-and-drop desktop icons
Check-in for gifts: earn reading tickets for the hottest stories

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Storyroom user reviews :

Chapters are not really full chapters compared to actual books/ebooks (other books far better written – grammar,word choice, editing), and the amount of vouchers needed for each chapter is way too high. Ways to earn give very few vouchers. So if one purchases vouchers/coins to use, the amount needed to read the book turns a book that should cost 4 to 5 dollars to a cost of 20-30 dollars or more.

Dear storeroom. You change more coin for characters then all the audio book apps. (It’s not like you’re posting acclaimed writers.) that have more then one reader. with the editing that needs to be done on your stories is needed badly. The stories are good ,but it mentally tirering having to edit while I read.

I like the book but the price isn’t worth it. I’m $45 down and only 2/3 of the way through the story. The daily log in is small and would take a week to open 1 chapter. The ads for rewards often doesn’t work and states that no ads are available. At this point I’m just not going to know how it ends because I’m definitely not paying anymore money.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the stories, but the expense of the stories and the app is ridiculous. I started reading a story and I was determined to finish reading it, and once I’ve got to the end of the story I decided to delete the app. It’s just to expensive and I’ve already spent more than 2 hundred dollars, and in this day and time people need to make their dollars go a lot further than going broke reading fictional stories. I read from other apps that are a lot less expensive than this one.

The app is going but l am unable to use the voucher. l hope you will be able to help me with that, about the coins if you don’t have a Google pay u may not be able to use it, but apart from that the app is good, so l recommend u use it in your free time, but please help me check my why l am unable to use my vouchers, Thank you.

It is a reasonable app, but this past “chapters” have been repeats, which wastes my payment coverage. I have already read the same words before, word for word . That is disappointing.

They have some great books and the app is easy too use. But it’s very expensive to read lots with chapters costing about 180 coins each, Daily rewards are small and coin packs are expensive for not much reading time.

The app is amazing and the stories are just as beautiful, however the stories are expensive and need a lot of coins to read… I still enjoy them though.

I LOVE THESE STORIES! I get they r copywrited. They r also on other apps. I was asked 2 eidt my review. I NEVER was complaining about the stories. I was/& am complaining about the customer service of this app. I ran into a bug on the app. Sent an email & still haven’t been responded 2. Then I make a review & that gets their attention. I had 2 figure out how 2 deal with the bug & the problems myself without any help from the developers. Now have 2 read for 5 hours 4 half the tokens! That’s stupid

  • Hi there, thanks for your comment! Our books are copyrighted, so we have to afford a huge amount of fee to the copyright issuers. We are considering the pricing now, as well as the monthly subscription. Your opinions are important to us, could you please reevaluate our app? We will try our best to improve our product. Have a good day

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