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Welcome to Studiovity – Your Ultimate Screenplay and Film Pre-Production Companion

Are you tired of juggling various pre-production tools for your film projects? Say hello to Studiovity, your all-in-one solution for screenwriting and comprehensive film pre-production management. With Studiovity, you gain access to a plethora of powerful features:

Film script – Write your film script, beat board, Index card with ease, and enjoy seamless import and export of FDX files, PDF, Fountain.
Storyboard – Create storyboards and shortlists to visualise your vision.
Breakdown – Utilise our AI breakdown feature to dissect your script with precision.
Shooting script – Read your shooting script with character, location, scene, and other filters and formatting.
Scheduling – Schedule your Film Scheduling seamlessly and generate Call Sheet.
Call sheets – Create call sheets effortlessly with our integrated app.
Task manager – Generate detailed Daily Progress reports using our task manager with a Kanban board view.
Production calendar – Manage your production timeline with the integrated calendar.
Roles and Permission – Set up departments, roles, and permissions with an inbuilt chat feature for effective collaboration.

And here’s the best part – Studiovity is available on all your devices.

Explore a Modern UI/UX of the Screenplay Editor

Experience a sleek, modern interface with both dark and light writers’ focus themes on all your devices. Enhance your scriptwriting experience:

Structure and outline your script using Index Card View.
Create plots with 3 Act and 5 Act Structure using Beat Board.
Tag and categorise character and location descriptions with ease.
Collaborate with your team with inbuilt chat.
Export your work in multiple formats, including PDF, Text, Fountain, and Final Draft.

With Studiovity, you can write, format, and sync your screenplay seamlessly on your mobile device and the web.

Empower Your Film Production

But Studiovity is not just about screenwriting – we offer a suite of pre-production tools:

Visualise – Compile detailed shot lists and StoryBoard
Pre-plan – Breakdown, Scheduling Reports, Call sheets & Shooting Script.
Manage – Task Manager, Production Calendar for Finance & time estimate, chats for Notifications.

Don’t let multiple pre-production tools slow you down – take control of your storytelling and film production journey with Studiovity today!

Your Privacy and Data Security Matters in Film Pre-Production

Studiovity is committed to safeguarding your information. Here’s how we prioritise your privacy and data security:

End-to-End Encryption : All your data, from screenplays to project details, is protected with advanced encryption methods.
Strict Access Control : With our roles and permissions system, you have complete control over who accesses your project data.
Data Backup : Your work is automatically backed up to prevent data loss and keep your creative projects secure.
No Data Sharing : We do not share your data with third parties, ensuring your creative content remains confidential.
Regular Security Updates : We continually update our security measures to stay ahead of potential threats.

Studiovity is available on multiple platforms: Download Studiovity Now

Apple App Store –
Google Play Store –
Studiovity on the web and laptop –

Visit our website at to explore all the features and possibilities Studiovity has to offer.

Unlock your full creative potential with Studiovity – your trusted partner

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Studiovity user reviews :

Pissed! I give this two stars, but not because of the app itself. I give 2 stars for the shady actions of the people behind this. As just as you begin this so called fair pricing no credit card needed. Will hit you up with a if you want to continue you have to pay $2. This payment isn’t through Play Store. It’s paid over the app. I pay and their still asking for the $2 to continue to use the app. So far this is looking like a scam. So I’m posting this so others won’t get ripped off.

  • Sir free trail is not forced you can use web its free we don’t save any information we have 2 plans you can check on the below link for all pricing details, we can schedule a demo call please mail or whatsaap on udit[at] Watsapp- +91 96259 67054 Link –

This very useful for tamil script writing. This app have basic features. App team make more updates And the service team working late but they working well .iwant scene numbers automatically.

  • Thanks sir people like you gave us the motivation to build the future

It’s very good app for scripts but… I found two big mistakes of this app. 1- it must have an auto save option or at least app should ask “do you want to leave without save? Yes -/ No”. I lost 3 scenes due to this issue, 2-when ever I reopen this app I have to scroll down(go through whole scenes ) by scrolling down, each and every time it frustrate me.

  • Thanks, Kamlesh for your suggestions. We’ve released a new version where I change the option from Yes > Save and leave & No to Exist to remove confusion. Regarding Scrolling, we’ve added it in the pipeline and shared it with our tech team to implement the same. We’ve also improved the download feature. This update is 70% faster. Thanks

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