Stunt Car Extreme – Cars are customisable based on your preferences

[Game] Stunt Car Extreme

Stunt Car Extreme  Stunt Car Extreme is the ultimate stunt and trial car game with both entertaining and awe-inspiring tracks.

The main tracks are designed for casual play, but the bonus tracks offer more extreme challenge! The bonus tracks have high risks but also high rewards. Levels include hard trials levels, easy speed levels, and casual and fun jump levels.

The game has a daily challenge mode, in which you try to win real players drives.
In the cups mode you race against three drivers in three race tracks in a roll.

Cars are customisable based on your preferences, with cool paint jobs, engines, tires and more. The car selection include classic and modern muscle car types, sports cars, off-road vehicles and other legendary car models. The game has a hidden feature, secret car keys hidden in the tracks. By collecting the hidden keys you can unlock some of the cars, including a monster truck.

Stunt Car Extreme is a continuation of the Stunt Car Challenge car game series.

Stunt Car Extreme user reviews :

The way the car sounds could be better. Maybe you can hear it shift gears or something. Other than that it is a really really awesome game I spend many hours enjoying myself with it I’ve showed this game to about six friends so far that really enjoy it as well so thank you very much great work.

Super fun to play and a great time killer. Also, you can choose whether to see ads or not. If you want a few extra rewards, check out an ad, or you can simply skip watching it and that’s pretty nice. Love the game!

Mountain drive the cup level is glitchy when I finish the 1st level and I went to 2nd ,I crossed the finish line but the game let me go off the finish line then I saw a cpu car stuck in a slope pls fix this.

It is the best game and I play it when have free time. I recommend to download it for your kids. It is an exiting game.

Great game, some levels are very tough. Reminds me of some of the console games. Very replayable to go back better your time or find a key. 5 sore thumbs up! +they continue to add levels, probably one (on a very short list) of the best Android games I have ever downloaded. ***unbelievable, they added more levels again

Amazing game. The physics of it are fun and exciting. Too bad it has only 120 levels. Wish it had more.

This app is amazing but there are a few glitches and bugs so please fix that but overall it’s amazing!

Just started playing, but love the graphics and awesome camera angles. No other race game shows such fluid motion and high overhead angles. 5 stars for giving the game such a thrilling viewpoint and exciting shots. Fix the ads to get extra gems and I will be super happy.

It is fantastic game give us real stunt experience .when i play this game then i was game is good . download and play this game.

looking is very nice game in the world graphic is good lps display games

Very very interesting game, fun to play, good gameplay and nice graphics

I love the game but am having problem passing level 69. It has some neon sighns pointing one way, but vehicle is facing wrong way. HELP!!!!.
  • Hyperkani
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Regarding level 69, please use the brake pedal to drive backwards with the stunt car in the mentioned part of the level.

Excellent game but as a gamer , I am expecting endless mode in this game with different locations and obstacles . Especially I am expecting Greenery locations in this game . Please develop this game and keep update.

I love driving, this is so much fun, suggestion what if we jumped over buildings

Its a marvellous game . It has cars that can do stunts and flips.

Great game…! The 3d effects while driving in this game are just AWASOME! very less ads too…. Very good …..

Nice experience.. Good graphics… But need to add more feature to the car accesories for purchase.. All in all

Finally i completed all the levels.. Its verry interesting,,i enjoyed it a lot..i really want more levels..

I love the game because their having challenges the challenges are really fun :) :) in my brother doesn’t like it well I like the game

Reasonable ads and epic gameplay, really get that visceral feeling of going fast

My kid love playing it! Not so much ads and too much fun and simplicity! A recommeded

It’s really nice and pretty understandable love the graphics and controls

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