Stylish Sprint – Thread your way through the obstacles

[Game] Stylish Sprint

Stylish Sprint  Endless Dash! Jump! Flying! The powerful action running game, Stylish Sprint!

Stylish Sprint is an action running game that you control a stickman who travels around the world in order to find treasure. You will experience extremely delightful and gratifying actions, such as jump, run, fly, roll, and smash obstacles through unique and adventurous stages all the time.
Thread your way through the obstacles with jumping, flying and smashing!

Selected as What’s Hot/What We’re Playing on the App Store! (USA, China, Canada, Australia)
Ranked #1 action genre on the App Store in Japan!
Ranked #1 entertainment category on the App Store in Korea!
Won the Korea mobile award 2011 for entertainment category!


Play stylish actions on the unique and varied stages!
Amazon, China, Egypt desert…there are 11 outstanding and detailed graphics stages
Run and jump! Jump and beat!! Speedy running action!!
Go further, run longer, and break the best record!!

Get boost items, costumes and extra characters to be stronger!!
There are varied necessary boost items which raise ability for improving record
Enjoy making your own character with gorgeous costume items!
Choose one between fat boy and girl character instead of hero!

A variety of enjoyable characteristics and easy control
There are extra two mini games where stimulate your spirit for adventure
Challenge the crazy mode if you try to attempt to reach the highest goal!
Easy and intuitive control system! You need only two buttons!

Easy begin but very addictive running action Stylish Sprint!! Are you ready to endless run right now?

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Stylish Sprint user reviews :

Still really fun despite its age! Only complaints are that the Wings sometimes drop you off in front of a different color star and force your multiplier to reset, the placement of obstacle walls can cause you to waste all of your energy (without stamina boosts), and the shop has a very strange variety of items that don’t really seem to fit a specific theme. You get used to its awkward variety, though. Don’t try the sequel if you’re a fan of this one, you will be thoroughly disappointed.

There’s a glitch in the game that when I fly when I land while still flying I go through the floor so when I fly and when I land the character should stop flying and go running again so please fix the glitch I can’t pass through the first level Becuase of it thank you for understanding

I love this game! I love how you made the animation and all the other stuff. Love the controls. So stylish! Thank you for making this game!

this game is really awesome no ads cool looks super good powerups and quest which give you sp points to buy items

Extremely fun and addictive. It’s got so much detail for a mobile game. Just amazing

this is a good game, but to all those people who are requesting updates, it isn’t happening sadly.

This is the best running game i ever played than Stylish Sprint 2 .But i wish you could fix the graphics of this game to make even better and update.I hope that you read this letter.

Everything is good except the ads

Can’t tell if you made this game to be fun and playful or you where preferring the stickman kind right, cuz to let you know they’re called Stick-min. But regardless have fun.

are you gonna update this game and add some new features? this is one great game

I love this game and my past comment was that was an issue with the no ads purchase and it has been fixed thank you, now it deserves to be rated a 5 stars

I like this game so much. No i love it the thrill fill me up with excitement. Hope you add more obstacle and more power ups
  • playus soft
  • Thanks for your review! -playus soft-

I love it.Amazing graphics and just the game I’m looking for.

I used to play it on my old old old old old IPod, still love it today!!

I love it. Os an old game but it conserves the essentials of the fun cellphone games.

Add it when u can do new tricks and loves like make it so instead of punching when u dash kick take off that when u want to get the fat guy or the girl it does not cost

The gameplay may be simple but it’s quite fun to play. I kinda some of the characters should be able to be purchased with sp, and more challenges won’t be nad either

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