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[App] SuperNote – Widget Note, Color Notes & Notepad

SuperNoteSuperNote : Write notepad free and post it color notepad incredibly fast and easily on mobile

You are a forgetful person and often have post it color notes app stuck on the walls at home and office.
Are you busy with dozens of important jobs to do every day?
Or is it simply that you regularly have appointments,hang out or exercise schedules to keep in mind?

Forget the inconvenient notes on the wall as well as the desk. Now with color note, you can store all your information without having to carry your pen and note paper, so convenient, right ?

Colornote has many outstanding features such as:

Wirte color notes or make quick notes simply
Make a list of tasks or Checklist, to do list extremely fast and easily seen
Remember, reminder app or notepad, color notes with Reminder
Diverse view: Can be viewed as a list or a very intuitive grid
Powerful search feature makes it easy to find saved notes or to do lists app, color notes
Variety of color notes, change color easily, notepad, memo or to do list
Powerful Offline Activity: Write and store all things very quickly without the internet
Easier to remember with quick notes and easy widget creation.

SuperNote is top free apps will give you an entirely new way to write color note app, completely replace the old notes you use because of its simplicity, convenience and speed.

SuperNote – Best free apps is still in the development stage, we always listen to your feedbacks, we hope you will appreciate and comment, we will definitely upgrade and develop more features as beloved. Your bridge. Sincerely thank!

SuperNote user reviews :

Very simple, very cute, very useful and after trying other similar apps – this one it the best I tried so far. And yet, there are things that can be improved in my opinion. For example : [1] Add the option to relocate or move up and down the lines in the check list. [2] Add the option to edit those lines there, so that people won’t need to delete and rewrite everything in case and want to change something. [3] A few more colours for the widget would be nice, but it’s not that important :) In the end – well done with this app, and hope to see you continue developing it :)
  • ECO STUDIOFebruary 7, 2018
  • Yes,Thanks for using SuperNote: Color Notes, Widget Note, Memo we’ll check and fix it in the latest version. Thanks for your suggestions
After systematically download almost every app in the store  this one has everything I was looking for! Customizable widget from 1*1 to full screen, multiple widgets with it’s own content, multiple colors, allows emoticons, big notes, check list visible in the widget, quick synchronization between the app and the widget, and is balanced between pretty and simple, amazing app! (I wish, cloud sync and customizable font).
  • ECO STUDIODecember 25, 2017
  • Thank you for using SuperNote: Color Notes, Widget Note, Memo, your pleasure is great motivation for us to continue developing this app. Don’t forget to recommend your friend to use SuperNote: Color Notes, Widget Note, Memo please !
So far this has been the best note app, other than one thing, that I’ve tried. And ive tried a lot!! I would give five stars if I could go back and edit my items already on the list instead of making a new line and deleting the other one. Other than that it has been a great tool!
  • ECO STUDIOMarch 20, 2018
  • Thank you for using SuperNote: Color Notes, Widget Note, Memo. If you find it useful, please give it 5 stars , which is our motivation to continue developing it :) and don’t forget to recommend your friends to use SuperNote: Color Notes, Widget Note, Memo together.

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