Talking Husky Dog – Will repeat everything you say with a funny voice

[Game] Talking Husky Dog

Talking Husky DogTalking Husky Dog  repeats everything you say with a funny voice.

Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Husky Dog .

Play with Husky Dog :

Talk to Husky Dog and he will repeat everything you say with a funny voice.
Threw Frisbee to me quickly!
really sweet.
look at my dancing.
have a sleep.
I’m the monster of circus.
Poke his head, Arm or feet.

This is a free app, download and enjoy it

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Talking Husky Dog user reviews :

This game is so cool. I like playing it. The huskies repeat what I say. Their hats look like from Paw Patrol. The first I should name is Marshal, and the second I should name is Chase. Very cute and awesome. But if you are a husky fan, download the app and try it out today! I am a bit of a dog fan, which means I like the game. Amazing app. It is very detailed with decorations you can get and rid of. Five stars. Thank you!

I would rate 4 stars because when we play in the city there is one car painter and I got stuck in that and when I went back it came back in the machine it was irritating but its OK I now won’t use that machine so I will give 5 stars .

Would be great if there was an interior view of the dog with its paws on the pedals and steering wheel please add that this game is so cute would be great if the dog could open and close the door please make the interior view of talking husky dog please just please add the interior of the talking husky dog I’m asking you to do that please but other than that I love the game but please add the interior of the car that’s what I am asking you this game is really good and it is very cute I love it.

It’s amazing it let’s you go everywhere it let’s you drive cars you feed it you play with them it even let’s them sleep they also can play soccer once you collect a coin I love it

I like the idea of the game and can you please improve your skills and knowledge to etrack more people to play the game all yours brooke 83 Ormsby spruce avenue

I love how cute the twins are I named them husky and husk but when you go inside the house you cant do anything

So cute and well animated

I love it…it looks exactly like my Huskys Sky and Taz

I Loooooooove this game!It’s soooooo cute!

I have had lots of fun playing this game bacouse it has my favourite dog in it.

i think its so cute i recormend this to husky lover in the world my brother thinks its boring but i dont agree this is the best game ever! i have a husky a speciail one please take care of them and adopt one

they are the most adorable baby huskys they love to play with a Frisbee they love to eat apples and they love to copy you they love it when you give them a bubble bath and I am so happy that I got to download this game I think this is the best game I have ever downloaded and then I played I’m having so much more fun playing this game then I have been having when I play any other game I love this game with all of my life. I love the way the huskys act.

Cute and good !!!

i love huskys its just that instead of grass it should be snow (please add snow instead of grass) (this is when u go outside by the way)

It is a really fun game

I love this app so much

I love it looks so cute and adorable!

The dogs are SO CUTE! I love this game b so so so so so much!

I loved talking puppy so I think I love this one cuz it’s a doubles

I love the way you have a pet Puma

Very cute game my husky barks when I play this game

I love you both of i love you guys so much

It is so awsome I love it

Awesome I love Paw patrol

I lovè this app so much tobay

It was a good game but I was wondering if you want or something like that and I love the game

I like this game very much they are nice dogs

is amazing trust me!

I love the huskies they are adorable I named them loki and licka

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