Tank War – Destroy the enemy

[Game] Tank War – Legend Shooting

Tank WarExciting tank shooting game! Get ready to face global players and become an invincible tank commander!

In this unique game world, you will face opponents from all over the world, use the tactics and skills that suit you best, and destroy the enemy! Gain experience and resources through battles, upgrade your tank, unlock more powerful weapons and armor, and become invincible on the battlefield.

Minimalist operation, smooth battle: Through simple sliding and clicking operations, master the accurate shooting and dodging of tanks on the battlefield, adjust tactics at any time, and defeat enemies one by one.
Variety of weapons, personality upgrades: Different tanks have unique weapons and skills, unlock more powerful equipment through upgrades, and enhance the combat effectiveness of tanks.
Diversified game modes, endless challenges: Various game modes give you different combat experiences.

Come and unleash your fighting passion and become the strongest tank commander! Recruit your friends, form a team, and fight together! Download now and start your adventure

Tank War user reviews :

Good time killer. Only problem I have is the screen flickers with yellow boxes after about 5 minutes. It’s not a game breaker but it does make it a bit harder to see the bullets flying at you.

Pretty good game. It’s definitely a rogue shooter. Putting a little bit of money into it won’t hurt to upgrade your tank. But most of the time you can earn the equipment and stuff naturally. Would definitely recommend putting a little bit of money into it but it’s enjoyable

I like it, it’s a good time burner. I just wish there was a larger list of parts to customize with.

Lost this game a while back, but I found this game and I am happy to play it again but this game can cause a little bit of lag. Happy to play again, hope those who play enjoy this as much as I always will, definitely worth your time to play

Cool game enjoy playing the graphics are cool but could up grade a little move but all in all super cool really do enjoy the game not sure what to write what to write anymore

Great Roguelike game with sweet graphic that you can keep on playing.

It’s a Awesome Game. Please Update This Game As soon as possible. Please, Please,

The only real drawback to this game is its hard to get certain parts.

Like it very easy not so hard

Wow not to bad for a money grabbing game but its still awarding to play this Great game if i dont say so myself

Best game in its genre to date!

Faster than the other IO type of game.

The most fun game of it’s kind imo

It been a minute for a good game to play..

3 bcuz I just started otherwise pretty good so far

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