Tanks VS Robots – Robots has serious armed power

[Game] Tanks VS Robots

Tanks VS Robots  Choose your own side!

You are a defender of your homeland and you won’t accept any compromise: under the layers of super-tough armor there beats the strong heart of a tank commander.

Become a Tank commander and crush invaders with your multi-ton armored vehicle, whose firepower exceeds any expectations!
You are an invader armed with unbelievable technologies. The latest world is just a temporary obstacle in your way. The toughest armor will be pierced with crafty maneuvers, from your pilots controlling their mobile battle robots.
Lead the invasion on the unique Alliance Robot!
In war, all means are permitted!
Upgrade your vehicle: improve your weaponry, armor, and other characteristics!
Show your enemies what your Tank or Robot can do with a skilled commander at the helm!

Stand out among your peers!
Decorate your battle vehicle with different types of decals or camouflages, which will look great on either a Tank or a Robot!

Safety in numbers!
Create your own clan and unite other skilled players under your flag! Crush your enemies with a combined effort and show them your supremacy on the battlefield!


Dynamic PvP battles between players from all over the world
Unique battlefields which combine the freedom of open spaces and the complicated labyrinths of the lab
Several types of unique battle Robots
Numerous modern tanks
The possibility of choosing a game style. Choose Tank or Robot – the gameplay is different
Different battle modes. Unite with your friend in team battle mode or become the only winner in the deadly single combat
Quick battle commands for better communication with your allies during the battle
Communication with other players via global and clan chats
Use special battle supplies, which can turn the tide of battle

All this awaits you in the exciting PvP shooter Tanks vs Robots!
Join the battle and win, commander!

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Tanks VS Robots user reviews :

Good graphics and controls, could be a better game if supported by more live players, battling AI is like battling against the walking dead. To the DEVS Up grade AI for better game play. This game does not suck money only if you let it like MOST GAMES….
  • Hello! We will take into account your feedback in the future updates. Thank you for taking part in the game development! Sincerely, Developers Team
Not a bad one but controls are not very good the aiming is really poor graphics could use an update and need more in the customisation department so for now 2 Star I will try again in six months to see if anything changes
  • Hello! We will take into account your feedback in the future updates. Thank you for taking part in the game development! Sincerely, Developers Team

This is something that stands out

Controls need work. Beautiful concept. Mech design aint my cup of tea, and i was hoping for tank vs mech team battle. But the game is okay.

I love it so much

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