Tasty Town – Bring the taste of the whole world into one game

[Game] Tasty Town

Tasty Town

Can you bring the taste of the whole world into one game? In Tasty Town it’s possible!

Your success in Tasty Town starts with 3 Fs: Fresh Farm Food! Grow fresh produce on your farm and take it to your restaurant, where international Chefs will do their magic in the kitchen to deliver delicious dishes for your customers. Don’t worry if you need a hand from time to time: helping and being helped is part of the experience! Create or join a Chefs Club with friends to complete events and get special rewards.

Your gourmet customers may order anything, from a burger, pizza, or sushi to a cake or a muffin, so be ready to craft the perfect dish at all times!
Your town is filled with movers and shakers, so for those hungry customers on the go, make sure to cook and serve them quickly in the Tasty Dash.

However, it isn’t all about the cooking: Make sure you have a nice restaurant with decorations that show off your classy taste: They go from elegant to absolutely extravagant, take your pick!

Collect Chefs from different countries and cuisines, level them up in the Academy, and cook tasty recipes.

Grow fresh vegetables and raise happy animals on your Farm to produce your own ingredients.

Join forces with other players in your Chefs Club. You’ll make friends and become the best in the business!

Complete orders for your Delivery Truck and use the special items it will bring you to expand your restaurant and unlock Chefs.

Cater parties at the Chillout Area to get special rewards.

Decorate your place with all kinds of decorations: Style is key!

Tasty Town is FREE to download and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-app items for the game with real money. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.

Tasty Town user reviews :

Been playing for a week. It’s mostly fun, but I’d like to make a few suggestions. If an ingredient needs to be cooked by say, the grill chef or the dairy chef, please show that in their specific options. Stop showing that green update icon over every chef all the time just because I have enough money to update them. Allow items like the water can, screw driver etc to be sold in the social market like in World Chef because sometimes there’s too many of them hogging space.

Overall okay. very similiar to township. but there are a lot of improvement to be made. like have to include a discard option for expansion tools which continously taking up store space. also need to have view of inactive members and friends. also unable to take over the chef master.

I’m addicted to this game!! Theres plenty of opportunity to gain in game currency without paying real money and the levels are challenging and fun, my husband and I compete as to who will gain levels faster! Easy and fun to play.

im really enjoying this game its not like all the other food games its so much to do so you’ll never get bored Keep yp the good work!!!

I love this game. It gives u chances to get items and gems needed for expansion. thanks

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