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Teleprompter for VideoTeleprompter for Video makes it easy to create professional-looking videos on your smartphone.

It’s perfect for anyone wanting to record a vlog, practise a speech or give a business communication. The app helps actors film self-tape auditions, religious leaders give sermons, job seekers create video resumes and much more.

Used by over 1 million people worldwide!

Here’s how it works…

Read from a prompt while filming yourself in high definition. The teleprompter script (or autocue) scrolls next to the camera lens, helping you make eye contact with your audience.

They won’t know you’re reading from a prompt!

Then, edit your video after recording. Add a logo and automatically caption the video using the timings from your recording (or export a .srt file for uploading captions on social media).

Use the floating mode to overlay your script on other video apps, allowing you to read from a script while live streaming, video conferencing, or using other specialist video apps.

Here’s a summary of all the features:

Record videos using the front and rear-facing cameras.
Record your video in landscape or portrait.
Choose your camera resolution and frame rate based on what your device supports.
Record sound using in-built and external microphones.
Long tap to set AE/AF Lock.
Pinch the screen to zoom.
Display a 3×3 grid to help you position yourself.

Set a countdown to get into position and a countdown to automatically end recording when the teleprompter script reaches the end.
Control the teleprompter app with a Bluetooth remote control, wireless keyboard or foot pedal. Using a remote control, you can start and stop the video recording as well as control the scrolling script (start / pause / resume / adjust speed).
Mirror the script for use in a pro teleprompter rig device.
Adjust the font size, scrolling speed and many other settings.

Import your scripts from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud in .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, and .pdf formats.
Share teleprompter scripts across different devices.
Format your scripts in Rich Text to make them easier to read.

All videos are saved in the app for editing later.
Automatically add captions / subtitles to your videos or export a .srt file to import your captions into YouTube, Facebook or other video platforms.
Add an image or logo to your videos (in-app purchase required).
Add text to your video.
Change the video background after recording using the smart green screen / chroma key filter.
Resize the video to landscape, portrait or square. Perfect for uploading to social media.

Teleprompter for Video is free for scripts of up to 750 characters. That’s around 1 minute of video with no watermarks. The Premium version allows you to:
Write longer teleprompter scripts.
Add a logo to your videos.
Play royalty-free music to your videos.
Float the script on top of other apps.
Rewrite your scripts using AI.

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Teleprompter for Video user reviews :

Only just started using this so time will tell, first impressions are OK. I like I can film as well as read scripts which the other apps I have tired you can’t film as well. 1 issue have come across so far is using an external mic. I use a usb c lavalier mic & it comes up with an error accessing the mic. I checked the setup of the mic & tested with other apps that can use this mic & it worked with no problem on those apps but issues with this one still. Settings were no help either.

  • Hi Kirsty, thanks for your feedback. Please check these instructions to make sure you have correctly set up your external mic to use with the app – – but if you’re still having problems, please contact me directly at hello[at] and I’ll help you get it sorted. Many thanks, Phil

it used to take me hours to do 1 video. Used this today and finished THREE videos in less than an hour. WOW!! it tool me 10 minutes to figure the program and I was good to go. I paid the annual fee and skipped the free trial. love this app!!

I can no longer control the scroll speed of the text on my phone. I’ve made many videos before, but now I cannot adjust the scroll speed. It remains at a very slow snails cross speed, which really messes up my recording

  • Hi Norman, I’m just catching up with reviews, but I think we’ve now solved this issue for you via your support request by email? But if you’re still having problems, please let me know! Best wishes, Phil

The video recording is cancelled when the app doesnt detect sound from my external mic connected thru c-type dongle. This results to recording the video again from the start. I hope you can do something about this.

  • Hi Ryan. Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Please check you’ve got your external mic set up correctly within the app by following these instructions – – but if you’re still having problems, contact me directly at hello[at] and I’ll help you get it sorted. Many thanks, Phil

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