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Tennis ClashTennis Clash : It’s time to play the best sports game for free!

Jump in a quick online tennis match in this real-time multiplayer 3D game!

Compete against friends and family in fun world-class tournaments. Tennis Clash is a cool game with 3-minute matches!

Like basketball, golf, football and other sports, tennis is all about practice. Challenge competitors, score aces, improve your tennis skills, score the match point and win! In this sport game you can beat both local and international players in Australian, US and French open courts, and much more. Win and climb the rankings to be the ultimate tennis player!

Customize your equipment and training, get the best tennis racket and hire the best coach! In every competitive 1v1 match you play, there are coins and trophies at stake – win the match and they are all yours. You can use them to enter higher ranked matches with bigger stakes. Use coins to get new items in the shop, brag about your trophy collection, beat your friends and climb up the global rankings to be the #1 tennis player.

Tennis Clash Features:

Play with your friends in fun real-time multiplayer matches
Amazing 3D next-gen graphics
Intuitive controls that are easy to learn, but hard to master
Real-time tournaments. Challenge your skills against the best players
Climb up the league rankings to become #1 in your city, country and the world!
Win matches, collect trophies and be the best
Unlock amateur, semi-pro and pro tennis players
Assemble the ultimate team: get the best coach, diet and workout for your squad!
Equip the best racket, shoes, grip and most importantly, your strings to be a top player.
Open new arenas: US, France, Australia and much more!

Forget about badminton and table tennis. Play Tennis Clash and become a Grand Slam winner in the best ball game for free! Be the ultimate tennis player in the sports world!

If you like golf, football, soccer, baseball or basketball games, it’s time to prove yourself the best sportsman in this sport game. Tennis Clash is the ultimate sports game for free! Become a tennis superstar!

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Tennis Clash user reviews :

Great game. Some suggestions: 1. Character’s attributes should grow as per their experience plus card basis. 2. Match making during slam games is not appropriate. 3. There should be options of spin while play. 4. Player should judge whether he wants to leave the ball or play while near borders. 5. Literally, less use of clubs except club slams. Practice among group is missing. 6. Add offline feature.

I really like the gameplay. It’s just such a pay to win. The cost for upgrading is insane. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now & I only get 50 coins per win & I have upgrades that cost 10k, lol. Also, there is no skill based matchmaking either I play people that beat my stats by 10 points or more.

The game is ok. The serving from the outside and slow serves are extremely unrealistic. It shouldn’t give that much of an advantage. Plus the tournaments suck I played 12 games and scored 11 points. It’s not fun playing people with ten times the attributes. Scoring less then 1 point a match is not fun. Make it more evenly matched it’s bull s*** losing 7 to 0 and not even being able to return a serve.

Actually surprisingly good. Who’d have thought you could play a tennis game with single touches to the screen. Its simple to move, by selecting area on the screen, as well as where you want to hit the ball, in the same manner. It would be nice to have some offline single player bot tournaments, as well as multiplayer modes where players get exactly the same kit. Usual issue with free games is the gems needed to open bags, lack of customisation, progression and gameplay options.

Experience, um….I would like if it could not lag, which is making me lose games it is really a nice game. Literally just started playing it, now I know how it is downloading a new game to the phone or just getting the use of the controls. However, I swipe and nothing happens – as if I never swipped. I gave it 3 stars because yes I am still playing because I like the game and also to see if customer service actually improve the game, don’t let a good game go to waste

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