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[App] Tesla Model S changed to Tesla Motors / Tesla

Tesla MotorsThe Tesla app puts owners in direct communication with their vehicles and Powerwalls anytime, anywhere. With this app, you can:

Check charging progress in real time and start or stop charging
Heat or cool your car before driving – even if it’s in a garage
Lock or unlock from afar
Locate your vehicle with directions or track its movement
Send an address from your favorite apps to start navigation in your car
Allow your passengers to quickly control media
Flash lights or honk the horn to find your vehicle when parked
Vent or close the panoramic roof
Summon your vehicle out of your garage or a tight parking space (for vehicles with Autopilot)
Update your vehicle software from wherever you are
Engage with Powerwall: monitor how much energy is stored from solar, used by your home, or exported to the grid

Note: Powerwall features in this app require Powerwall 2

For more information about Tesla, visit www.tesla.com

Tesla Motors user reviews :

App is great. If I could request something, could we have the ability to warm our seats? As for a bug, I’m unable to sync my calendar to my Model 3 running v9. My phone is a Google Pixel XL (1) running Android Pie (9).

Tesla Power wall 2 : The app is pretty and has a nice user interface. But I have a number of issues. The drop down is too small, I don’t have baby fingers. Please increase the size. The very pretty and nice ui usage display is severely lacking in range of data. What every user wants is lots of analysis. Today, yesterday and week doesn’t cut it. We need monthly and weekly data for any week. And comparisons between weeks and between months. How else can we fine tune our usage? If you can’t do that, then please please give me all the data. NOW it exports instead of charging the battery. NUTS

Provides a base set of functions for your Tesla vehicle. Some seemingly obvious features are missing: 1) setting of scheduled charging start time. My provider offers variable rates by hour. Rates are usually lowest starting around 2am, but each day varies. It would really be nice to be able to look up tomorrow’s rates (can’t do this until after 430pm on any given day), and then set the charging start time accordingly from this app. Currently I need to go into the car to change the start time. 2) Access to trip odometer information 3) Software updates: one should be able to initiate them as well as see any readme info prior to accepting the update 4) Scheduling of heating/cooling. 5) Trip/charging/consumption histories like Teslafi.

I like the new UI and the updated app works as well as the old one. However, it really is a missed opportunity to provide much needed functionality. For example, the ability to switch on the rear screen / mirror defrost, control fan speed or reset the climate control to full auto, and switch on the seat heaters. Less critical but nice would be the ability to send a route to the sat nav. I look forward to the next update

So the new GUI update is nice but there is no new functionality after all this time and on top of that personally I enjoyed having the more detailed information in the charging category showing the Watts, Amps, etc. Also I own two Model S cars and ever since I updated this app I am no longer receiving any of the standard alerts in the app. Already tried disabling/enabling turning off/on all alerts under the app settings to no avail. That sucks!

Lovely UI uplift which brings consistency to the current in car design look and feel. I echo some of the frustrations of the other users though in that the functionality largely remains the same. Great features would be route planning that one can send to the car (including charge stop options), preheating the battery, heated seat, steering wheel & wiper controls, rear windscreen heater, front windscreen demister, integrations to other apps, widgets, complete control over charging currents and schedules as in the car, global window open/close. I could think of more, but these would really be great features

Updating my review with new UI. Thanks Tesla for getting it right with fresh look. A lot of reviews continue to criticize lack of functionality but these users will never be happy. Curious how many other auto companies even have an app? Think about it. Cheers!

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