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The King of Fighters ARENA11/14 5:00 AM (UTC) GRAND LAUNCH
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It’s time to duke it out in KOF ARENA!
Experience real-time battles against fighters from all over the world!

Enjoy the action of KOF anywhere, anytime!
Enter KOF ARENA and become the strongest fighter in the world in the newest installment of the greatest fighting game series, The King of Fighters!

Emerge victoriously, easily, and quickly!
Fight with ease using button controls optimized for mobile devices.
Faithful to the KOF Series – Experience the tight action firsthand!

Create your very own dream team!
The powerful, unique fighters of KOF are all here!
You can even put Orochi and Rugal on the same team! Form the most powerful team of all time and become a champion!

Fierce battles against contenders from all over the world!
Compete against contenders from around the world in real-time!
Raise your Mastery levels and climb the tiers to prove your might!

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The King of Fighters ARENA user reviews :

The game is still in development so I expect some problems. But my issue is with the fundamental gameplay. It’s the same as the rubber band theory in racing. The person who gets hit the most gets and unblockable ultra move that almost evens up the odds. You can’t jump and you can only block three or four moves before the block is broken. You at least get a side step and a combo breaker. But the combo breaker doesn’t work on the ultra move. It’s difficult to a fighting game on a phone…

Kof arena is good but there is major problem that I would like to address. When playing, the graphic suddenly goes down even when I set it on to the highest graphics. My phone run smoothly when there is match. But a couple seconds later the graphics sudden goes to down. Even When I set it on High. I think it auto adjusts the graphics when the game tracks heat on the phone.

Aesthetically, the game is very pleasing. Well defined and crafted sprites and animations. It’s a beautiful piece of art. Now gameplay-wise, it’s lackluster. The game fails to deliver a translated fighting game experience to mobile, since core fundamentals from are missing: there’s no whiff recovery; supers can’t be punished otherwise any attempt will cause one to get hit by the animation, even though they’re coming from behind; frame advantage is missing since most animations can be cancelled.

Beautiful graphics. Simple controls. Brings back fond memories growing up fighting against my friends. Keep up the good work. Only con so far is being matched with players with unstable connections. Please fix this issue. If you don’t have a stable connection ie. Wifi then you should only match against ai players and get 1/2 rewards. Just an idea.

As a KOF player and fan since the 90’s this is definitely great. Just confused there’s no “jump” function of heroes to escape attacks and forces you to block. Still needs improvement as graphics are somewhat pixelated and some skills of the heroes doesn’t have a skill effect at times. But overall, I am loving this game and looking forward for future updates.

The game (server) pretty laggy and there a bug, my button suddenly changed to default when i play. Also, the cube exchange countdown took very long time, and why there draw (gacha system) when You play depends on mechanic and connection (I hope its not P2W so its still fun to play, even though it is..i hope it’s balanced). The game is great, but when the connection lag it’s become worse especially the graphic.

A very ambitious attempt but under delivery. The dev should have a lot of experiences from their another kof game already. Still, Same old problem, lagging. Wonder how many players are capable of playing it smoothly. And the control interface. Without a proper controller(mainly the joystick), it is hard to reproduce the same old beloved experiences. The layout of buttons makes it like an action RPG which is overloaded with buttons. Appreciate the effort but unfortunately it’s still not there yet

Three Star for now..the game is pretty good but there are few things that changes from the original game but I think it’s not that bad . I suggest to improve the movement at least the player could move more freely. Also add custom match so that players can play with friend nearby or something like choosing your opponent or set up so that it’s not always 3 tag team .

Latest Update :

1 New Skin
K’, Kula, and Maxima Sale Encore
Other bug fixes

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