The Legacy – Discover the cause of the mysterious epidemic

[Game] The Legacy – The Tree of Might

The LegacyThe Legacy : Research into the causes of the mysterious epidemic will have rather unpredictable consequences…

“The Legacy: The Tree of Might” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Object, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests.

The grand historical museum reception held by Deborah Whitwick became well known throughout the country. An inexplicable viral attack on the guests occurred right in the middle of the lady’s solemn speech. When the epidemic began, no one had any idea just what the citizens of New York were facing. An urgent expedition was organized to re-explore the archipelago in the hope of finding information on the nature of the disease. As a linguist and expert on ancient languages, Diana was to join them. She couldn’t even imagine how this journey would turn out for her…

Discover the cause of the mysterious epidemic
Visit incredible worlds and meet their inhabitants
Get help from new friends
Solve lots of incredible puzzles
Gather amazing collections and find dozens of morphing-objects
Enjoy stunning locations, magnificent graphics, exciting mini-games and puzzles.

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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The Legacy user reviews :

Finally a hide and seek game where a free to play gamer CAN play at its heart’s desire. It has the right level of challenge, and a storyline that is engaging. Big bonus: tutorials can be skipped.

I really liked the game. The story line was OK, most of the puzzles were challenging but not frustratingly so. I love games that combine hidden objects with adventure. However, I wasn’t thrilled with having to pay for the hints or $1.99 for the bonus chapter. I would rather pay a few dollars for the whole game instead of paying two dollars for the final chapter.

It was actually cool to have a nice game almost for free if u r clever enough to solve it all by yourself, it could have a more exciting story or engaging characters with events, more mystery and unexpected changes that makes u wonder whats next, but the only big problem is there is NO MAP at all !! Lots of unnecessary going backs which kill the mood :/

An Awesome Mystery Adventure Game. Im really hard on rating these types of games. I mean most of the time games like this is always lacking something, but honestly this one is hitting on all corners! Great story line, not too short and challenging, but not impossible. I would recommend this game to everyone! Im looking forward to playing all the other ones n also any new ones that are soon to come!

This game was great until I got to the Island Temple…the swap the tiles to assemble the picture was a freaking joke. Move one tile, then they all just shuffle around making it IMPOSSIBLE TO FINISH IT!! I tried re-installing after I un-installed, cleaned the junk files etc..and still doesn’t work right!! Please fix this???

I love the game, but your game runs out of hints TOO FAST!!!! Each time a person finds one of the EXTRA pieces for example: the snakes or necklaces, a person should be awarded with a hint to be able to use as needed. 4 hints just isn’t enough for a game like this and alot of people can’t purchase hints.

really luv playing your free games been playing for ages now though on this game I’m having issues I got right to end almost and the house puzzle where u have to put things in right places eg fence banners ect ive got the stick thing in shape of a Y almost that’s to go on front of the house it’s not placing unlike the others that highlight when u have them in place this isn’t and will not let me place it until it’s fixed I’ll leave as 4* as game is brilliant like others of yours

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