The Samurai Wars – You can command your troop and use tactical skill

[Game] The Samurai Wars – Samurai Real Portrait

The Samurai WarsThe Samurai Wars : This is a tactical war game using actual portrait of samurai.

Conquer whole Japan as Oda nobunaga who is famous samurai warlord with over 400 samurais!

Intuitive Battle
You can command your troop and use tactical skill by Flick/Tap!
Defeat enemy by using each samurai’s tactical skill!

Various Strategies
It is not easy to survive by just tactics in battlefield.
Diplomatic activities like trading and alliance…
Various Ninja’s activities…
Political activities in Imperial court and Shogunate…
Development of town…
Let’s plan your own strategy!

A lot of Warlords, Treasure
There are over 400 samurais and 200 treasure items.
Can you collect all

The Samurai Wars user reviews :

I love the story, but battle animation like melee units and commanders are rotating for fighting and its like useless for them. I want the old original battle animations is back. The old one is just like playing Total War : Shogun 2

Gotta be patient n strategize love it

Love this game just not happy with latest update.

The latest update was not good. My soldiers are always stuck in the terrain. Everytime I go to war, I wish it was plains because things get annoying in mountains and forests. This game is great but I wished I never updated it. Please do something about the terrain. It’s annoying.
  • zeimoter December 19, 2017
  • hi, thank you for your feedback. we updated “the samurai wars”. Now units is homing enemy automatically with avoiding mountains/forests. We hope this update can erase your stress in playing.

Love this game so much this is by far the best one yet but I want a feature that people can sell samurais and get money for it but that is the only problem I have with it so developers plz make this happen

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