The Witch Knight – A bizarre adventure of a witch and a knight

[Game] The Witch Knight

The Witch KnightHere’s the game that will get the gamers excited once again!!!!

Hey you! Will you be my knight?
A bizarre adventure of a witch and a knight!
Emotional healing fantasy! Witch’s Knight!

A 2D open world RPG. Feel the healing sensation now. !

Cute graphics, touching adventures, and idle RPG!
Knight and witch…This combinations sounds…great?! Let’s play! Witch’s Knight!
Brilliant effects, eye-catching skills!
Overpower! Overpower the pet and the knight for special abilities!
What can I do in the open world? Explore the hidden dungeons! Enjoy the adventure like a maze!
As you enjoy the healing adventure, various rewards will rain down! These are all for you! Just come along!

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Heal your heart now!

Hey you! Will you be my knight?
How did the witch come to adventure with a knight?
Doesn’t this combination make you curious?

Sweet and brutal adventure of a witch and knight!
A bizarre adventure of a witch and a knight!
Explore the continents and enjoy! Witch’s Knight

Great hit satisfaction, abundant rewards!
Ever heard of the witch that hunts with skills of brilliant effects?!
The rewards have gone wild…You just can’t stop receiving…
I don’t know why, but I can’t take my eyes off of this game…
You are already playing Witch’s Knight…!!!

How dare the pet and the knight go on a strike! Kneel!
Overpower the pet, increase the loyalty, and get special abilities!
Overpowering the knight rewards special active skills!

So that’s where you’ve been hiding! Hidden dungeons!
On the adventure, you will come across hidden routes.
Find the exit in the dungeons!
An emotional healing fantasy that you can savor and enjoy, Witch’s Knight!

Open world adventure, dazzling idle RPG!
2D open world adventure and cute graphics!
Dazzling skill effects! How would you like to get your own witch?

Requesting access privilege
The Witch’s Knight do not request sensitive access privileges

The Witch Knight user reviews :

It’s cute, it runs well and I like the sound design. I’ve seen some big pricetags in the “Pass” system and you have to watch ads to get certain rewards (you can buy ad removal, otherwise the ads are fine!). Now to the gameplay, its pretty simple, an enemy gets close, you cast spells on them. Its the range of spells and ability to make your own loadout of spells that I appreciate. I’m currently using self heals and fire magic and enjoying my first hour. I’ll update if need be, but 5 stars so far!

  • Thank you for enjoying our game. We will make sure to serve good games so that you can enjoy them. Then please continue to enjoy the game!

Incredibly fun, progression seems fair as well, although as with many (or all) idle games there is a strong p2w taint with constant sales, packages, and passes. Despite this, it’s an enjoyable f2p experience (made infinitely better with the inexpensive ad-removal option to help support development). -2 stars for all the hackers already, jeopardizing future content and investments. Edit: -1 more star because I can’t get past the main menu anymore, the tap to login button is gone now.

  • Thank you for waiting so long. The current inaccessible phenomenon has been improved. Please access the game. After accessing the game, open [MENU] → [Wanted] and proceed with [Manual Save]. If you still have difficulty accessing the game, please write [Nickname] to the customer service center and ask. [Customer Center:[at] ]

Laggy, barely any settings for high to low graphics, couldn’t play as it froze often and kept crashing multiple apps on my moto E 2020, more than likely won’t be playable on this phone as it’s incompatible. Edit: well it’s mostly causing other apps on my phone to stop working to keep it running, then when all of em stops working it crashes Edit2: can’t so im no longer furthing support towards a game that’s not compatible with my phone, apologies! I will make it 5* just cuz

  • Thank you for registering a good evaluation. We will continue to do our best to provide a stable environment!

I pre-registered for this game, and I am so glad that I did! This game blew away my expectations. It’s fun, cute, easy, and addictive! I’ve been playing almost nonstop since its release a couple days ago. It’s easy to level up quickly but still challenging. You do not have to spend money at all–just enjoy the game! I did buy the no-ad bundle but it’s worth it imo! There are no forced ads but you need to see ads for certain things. They’re generous with the currency too. Overall an amazing game!

  • Thank you for writing a good review. I will continue to try to be the best game. Then please enjoy the game!

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