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[Game] Thetan Rivals – Fun Run Party

Thetan RivalsChristmas time is here and it’s snowy everywhere! Dive into our Winter Season updates and dash through the snow in Thetan Rivals!

Thetan Rivals: Fun Run Party is the ultimate party and fun-filled adventure, perfect for players of all ages. Join the charming Thenions in a vibrant 3D world, where thrilling races and hilarious knockout challenges await you and your friends. Express your unique style with a plethora of cute skins and cosmetics.

Best Features:

Exciting Multiplayer Modes: Compete in knockout races, funny games, and exhilarating challenges, making it the ideal party game.
Cooperative Fun: Gather friends for co-op games and family-friendly adventures in a playful playground.
Join the Race: Whether you’re running, jumping, or diving into epic races, Thetan Rivals: Fun Run Party offers endless fun.
Multiplayer Mayhem: Engage in 1 2 3 or 4 player games and enjoy the excitement of online multiplayer races.
Customization Galore: Customize your characters with cool skins, and make friends while you challenge others.
Seamless Play: Play with friends online, or invite them to play together in this mini world of fun and excitement.
Building Bonds: Connect in Thetan Town, create guilds, and socialize with gaming friends as you customize your characters and embark on epic challenges.

How to Play:
Embark on thrilling knockouts and hilarious races with friends. Customize your characters, embrace the joy of playing together, and let Thetan Rivals: Fun Run Party transport you into a realm of endless fun and excitement.

Download now and run your party in the world of Thetan Rivals: Fun Run Party, where the party never stops, and fun is just a race away!

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Thetan Rivals user reviews :

Entertaining but has flaws. The soccer field bomb match always puts you as the bomb which is not fair. Sometimes the double jump seems to cause you to skid further if you are close to the edge. When you are not close to the edge it doesn’t skid as far. I’m not sure you actually play against real players, pretty sure it’s always bots. *Edit, I can’t run the game after the latest update and you can’t contact development, so I’m uninstalling.

  • Thank you for your feedback on the game. It’s great that you find it entertaining. The game developers may benefit from hearing your insights. As for the player-vs.-bot question, some games do use bots in certain scenarios to fill in for real players, but it’s essential for transparency and fairness. Your feedback is valuable!

It was fun however I’ve encountered a problem After winning a match and leaving the app, I went back in and the game couldn’t load in even when I checked my internet connection, it still didn’t want to load.

  • Oh no, that’s not fun at all! Poto is here to help you out. It sounds like you’ve run into a technical glitch, but don’t worry, we can fix this. It might be a temporary issue. If the problem persists, feel free to contact our support team through Help Shift. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I don’t mind playing this game, as derivative as it is, it’s a fun little mobile game. Nothing remarkable or notable about the graphics.oe, both are compitent and adequate enough to entertain. One things that keeps standing out to me, whenever I get ahead in any game, I am constantly bombarded with a tutorial “swipe up and down” and it takes me out of the game as well as hinders my gameplay. Is this a bug? Might wanna fix it.

  • Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate your support and understand your concerns about the tutorial interruptions. We’ll look into it and make the necessary improvements to enhance the gameplay experience. Happy gaming!

I prefer using controller for this instead of touch screen on my android phone

  • Thank you for your comments. We currently have no plans for a controller. We will review it in the near future. Hope you still play the game and like it because we put a lot of effort into it.

I like it but the bots all have random gibberish just so u know also I like the update nice job wolffun

  • Thank you for your feedback, and we’re glad to hear that you like the update! Regarding the bots having random gibberish, we appreciate you bringing it to our attention.

The combination of simple controls, challenging obstacles, and fun options for casual game sessions with friends or quick competitive matches. Its charm and accessible gameplay make it a fun choice for those looking for light entertainment…

  • we’re thrilled to hear that our combination of simple controls, challenging obstacles, and fun options has provided you with some great entertainment. We’re glad you find our game charming and accessible, and we hope it continues to bring you joy during your casual game sessions with friends or quick competitive matches.

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