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[App] Timbro – Guitar & Piano

TimbroLearn to play piano and guitar.

The new way to learn to play guitar and piano. For guitar and piano players in all levels, professionals to beginners.

You can play with a Real Piano or Guitar, or you can play with the in-app Virtual Guitar or Piano Simulator. Timbro listens to the notes you play on your guitar or piano and gives you instant feedback for the best learning experience. The Virtual Guitar Simulator is a guitar game, but you learn guitar for real.

Our ambition is to help you:
Practice guitar / piano more!
Learn guitar / piano more efficiently!
Have fun while you learn to play guitar / piano!

Timbro analyses how you play with your piano or guitar and tailors exercises for you to learn fast and reach your musical goals.

Timbro gives you guitar and piano lessons, from simple to advanced.

Learn guitar and piano chords and chord progressions.
Learn theory and play scales to increase your finger speed.
Learn easy to read guitar tabs and notes for the piano.
Learn the notes on the fretboard, using our fretboard memory training.
Learn to hear notes, using our many ear training functions.
Learn to play epic guitar and piano riffs with our riff trainers.
Learn to improvise and play your own music.
Learn to play songs by only listening, using our play by ear trainer.
Learn to memorize songs by heart with our memorize feature.
And of course, learn to play songs, which will fine tune your musical skills.

Timbro also includes a great guitar tuner. You can tune your guitar with very high precision.

Simply the best guitar and piano learning experience.

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Timbro user reviews :

Very conflicted about this app. Was enjoying the guitar lessons so I bought the paid version to practice more. At first it was great but the deeper into the levels I got the more exercises straight up do not work. Like several later scale lessons will freeze and not detect any input at all. And you can’t skip them so it basically breaks the whole flow of the app. Super frustrating. It can also struggle to detect correct inputs on busier songs. Recommend for newbs. Experienced players beware.

Hit detection is sloppy on guitar, won’t always register all the notes I’m playing, and sometimes registers notes I know i’m messing up on, and there’s no penalty for hitting strings outside of what it’s asking me to. Skill level suddenly went from extremely basic to jumping around with barre chords that I’ve never seen before. 20 minutes a day for free is way too little. At least make it possible to keep going even if that means putting in ads or something. Can’t replace a real teacher, yet.

It’s not perfect, but never before in my life have I practiced piano 67 days in a row, so even if it’s “suboptimal” or whatever one might say, it’s definitely helping me build good practicing habits.

It is free, but a glitched just happened? Whenever I try to unpause the lesson it re-paused itself, and it won’t let me pass. Already closed and re-opened and it still won’t work.

The only free guitar learning app I could find, good lessons. Mostly good demonstrations

This app has helped a bit. The user interface is clean and easy to use. So far only noticing one issue: I can play a note/string correctly AND on time but it will show up as incorrect (tuned up decently as well.) I hope this will be solved soon. But it’s a really great app overall, especially when a nice amount of content is available for free. It’s enough to get you started.

This app is pretty great… You don’t have to necessarily pay to get great resources, but a few bucks won’t hurt your budget, and no annoying ads once in every 5 mins. It’s just a little bit frustrating sometimes when three consecutive notes are coming and you play it but it can’t detect. But that might be because of my phone’s hardware problem. Anyway, great app. Especially for beginners.

Very similar to yousician, except I like this app so much better. It doesn’t let you move forward until you have perfected what you are playing. Can be frustrating but I needed that discipline because I’ve been all over the board trying to learn to play. Every day it gets a little easier. Plus the app sends me notifications reminding me too pick up my guitar and practice!

Timbro is a good and only one that implement self-studying to a virtual guitar. Before the recent update, it was well worth a try: Somewhat easy-to-use interface and helpful lessons. It’s the time-being though that Timbro has gotten worse such as unecessarily changes to the way we play guitar or the clumsy and hard-to-follow lesson guidance(sometimes I dont even what to do and learn). One last thing, it’s not really practical, I guess

The new version released on September 23 is not upto the expectations when you are a paid member of this app. The tabs moves by itself without any sound at all. The sound recognition has gone wrong in this version. Another feature that can be added is to save the progress for a user in any online account. I see that my progress gets reset many a times.

I really liked it, the lessons are good and the availability of a few free lessons every day is very good, not everyone can afford to pay for a premium version. Keep up the good work

Been using this for a couple of weeks and I love it exercises are straight forward and I can see real progress. Previously I used yousicion which I thought was overpriced and I felt I wasn’t learning correctly, I did have an issue following an update, quick email to the developer and it was resolved in a few hours. Great app, great team, love it.

  • If you still have this problem, we would be happy if you could contact us at info[at]waveofmusic.com

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