Time Defenders – New hope at the center of collapsed Tokyo

[Game] Time Defenders

Time DefendersA new type of Tower Defense presented by Vespa!
Meet the RPG of the 「FUTURE」, where you can meet a new type of strategy through battles with a high freedom!

A story by meeting new hope at the center of collapsed Tokyo.
The world is devastated from global disaster of Spacetime Rift, and Ordo from the evil dimension. Tears are shredded with a hope for peace.

As our world is about to fall, ‘Time Defenders’, with its leader Metheus, is formed to stand against Ordo and global disasters. This is the story of these heroes who will save our family, friends, and the world.

Over 70 Heroes and tons of Skills
Unique Heroes who cross dimensions to protect the world!
Experience live action and high-freedom battles with 3D modeling characters that brings life into illustrations plus Vespa’s style!

Maximize your strategy through the main stage and various sub content
Dynamic&Active! Strategically place your Heroes and develop your team!
A thrilling battle in 3D! The combination of strategy through hero skill and class combination is infinite.
There are also other content which RPG beginners can easily adopt to this game: easily develop your heroes through 「Dispatch」, review strategic plays through 「Replay」, etc.

Full voice support with a high-quality
Expereince lively action/display just like an animation through high-quality 3D cutscenes and luxurious S-class voice actors!

Luxurious voice actorss
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka / Tojo Hisako / Rena Maeda / Akira Ishida / Yui Makino / Yuuki Nagano / Chiwa Saito / Rina Sato
Ari Ozawa / Kentaroh Tone / Mayuko Kazama / Rin Kusmi / Ai Fairouz Ai / Mai Kanno / Hikaru Iida
Kanomi Izawa / Sanae Fuku / Yoshimoto Genki / Hiromichi Tezuka / Satoshi Nozawa / Yuichi Kijima / Ikumi Hasegawa
Takaki Ootomari / Juri Nagatsuma / Yuki Ito / Yukina Shutou / Taito Ban / Masakazu Nishida / Miyu Komaki / Akari Kageyama
Takako Tanaka / Taichi Sugiyama / Yurika Moriyama / Tomoyo Takayanagi / Takuya Tsuda / Yuu Ogata / Yuu Akiba / Misano Sakai
Hiroshi Watanabe / Tomomi Tanaka / Maria Noda / Haruka Kitagaito / Kento Fujinuma / Haruki Asada / Hana Hishikawa / Kyouka Moriya
Nanako Mori / Riho Sugiyama / Takamasa Mogi / Mitsuki Nakae / Rio Kyuuma / Shinobu Matsumoto / Haruna Kuramoto / Ryosuke Hara
Shomaru Joza / Koichi Tochika / Michiyo Murase / Tatsuhisa Suzuki / Ayumi Mano / Daisuke Nakano / Yoshikazu Nagano
Yuu Miyazaki / Takumi Tomoi / Seiyuu Fujiwara / Konomi Tamura / Shinnosuke Tokudome / Tomomi Mineuchi / Hibiku Yamamura / Naho Oketani
Haruo Yamagishi / Kazuo Yoshida / Suzuna Kinoshita / Shiori Hashimoto / Miho Hayashi / Risa Kubota / Shigeo Kiyama / Ayaka Shimizu
Eriko Matsui / Nao Ojika / Chad Horii / Seiko Yoshida / Yuuna Ogata / Yuuma Uchida / Hisako Kanemoto / Mai Nakahara / Kana Ueda

Official site
Homepage :  timedefenders.vespainc.com
Official Facebook Page :  www.facebook.com/Time-Defenders-110160694920624

Time Defenders user reviews :

The world itself is beautifully designed. I enjoy the atmosphere that is presented in the levels and cutscenes. Even the characters have been designed with an astute amount of detail. I however cannot recommend the game, as the gameplay itself relies so heavily on drawing characters to be any fun. Contrast against the fact that you’ll be playing this chore of a game for a very long time before you see half enough resources to actually draw a new hero. I miss kings raid.

I’m very much enjoying the scenes, the story is also good, it reminds me of those old pc games that has 3d cut scenes, though those games are far from good in todays standards, Their animation are somewhat polished. Hope the voice acting continues throughout the game i hate reading texts, but not when there is voice acting. Keep it up. Its not too hard if you put your units in the right place at the right time .

I’d rather a game being mediocre than start off with a lot of promise and then devolve into frustrating, boring level design that removes options. Don’t get my hopes up that the game is going to be fun and then just sort of give up on trying a few levels in. I wanted to like this so bad, but the steep drop off into poor level design and a lack of resources for leveling is unforgivable.

Early game was good because there’s a lot of rewards given to you for clearing the stages but once you’re in a late game it was quite boring and your daily task was repetitive. No more events and the game seems like dead unfortunately. No more compensation and I don’t know if I will continue this game since they seems like forcing us to quit the game.(kinda hard to decide since I invested time and money in this game I should be played F2p). Still hoping for Kings raid 2

It’s a mixed bag. For one, I’ve been a big fan of Vespa’s 3d works for a long time. In this case however, there’s the issue with just how badly it runs. Not to mention that the game doesn’t even let you rotate the view; a feature that most 3d games should allow. Camera panning is also non-existent, which makes positioning units on the outer fringes to be extremely troublesome. Camera zoom would also be appreciated as finding each character to use skills with is very troublesome. Pls fix Vespa xd

Very good and challenging defense tower game. If you are looking for a game where you can place your defense and wait this one is not for you. But if you want challenges and have to keep an eye on it and react with skills activation, toons replacement or upgrade at the right moment it is the best I ever played!! Animation are very well done, the skill animations are glorious. If you have an old phone I recommend to lower the graphics.

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