Timr – Record your working and project hours

Timr – time tracking with GPS

TimrThe timr time tracking app is a complete solution for recording working time, project time and business trips and mileage.

Record your working and project hours precisely (also offline), get an overview of your employees and bill your customers faster.

Employee time tracking features

Employee time clock with simple start/stop function (also offline)
Records any type of working time (office, business trip, etc.)
Provides employees’ digital timesheets at the touch of a button – giving you constant
Mobile time tracking with GPS position detection when starting and stopping
Tracks absences and leave (vacation, sick leave, absences and comp time)
Vacation account with current vacation entitlement
Automatically factors in public holidays on timesheets
Automatic breaks and reminders
Records notes for individual workdays

Time tracking features for project time

Fast mobile recording of order and project times with start/stop function
Freely definable project structure for your project time tracking for any number of
customers, projects, orders, tasks, etc.
Mobile time tracking with GPS location when starting and stopping can be used as proof
for customers and for internal control
Live overview of all project hours, employees and budgets in the central Cloud
application (timr.com)
Full budget control: create budgets and hourly rates, target-to-actual comparisons (in
real time) and automatic email alerts if budget is exceeded
Simple administration, analysis and billing in the Web application

Mileage log functionality

Electronic mileage log with no cumbersome Excel spreadsheets – meets tax office
Use GPS to automatically enter the start/destination address
Your travel log data is constantly synchronized with the Cloud application (timr.com)
and is automatically backed up there
Fleet function: travel log for all company cars under one roof
All recorded trips available 24×7 on smartphone and on the Web – you keep your travel
costs under control.

Data security is very important (GDPR compliant)
Server located in Germany
Encrypted transmission
Automatic backup
Hourly and daily backup

PLEASE NOTE: After downloading the application, you’ll need to sign up for unlimited 14-day trial access.

During the trial period, you can opt for a Free or Premium (monthly fee) account, otherwise the trial period ends automatically.

NO credit card required to sign up

Terms and conditions: www.timr.com/p/agb/
Privacy Policy: www.timr.com/p/datenschutz/

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Timr user reviews :

Forced to use it for work, but what I’m really missing is the possibility to switch projects quickly to track the time via quick buttons. It would be great if every account could manually set up specific tasks they usually have at work (which you can do already) and then have nice UI/UX quick buttons showing in the app to switch to these projects throughout the day without stopping the timer/set a task/start the timer again.

  • Hi Marc, thanks for your review. You can select favourite tasks and use the “Switch” button for switching to those tasks. You can find more information on how to configure the task selection based on your needs here: support.timr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015917160 Does this help? If not, please contact us at info[at]timr.com for further help.

Cant do project management without this! The only way to manage several small independent multimedia content projects at once, and keep tabs on where things are getting out of hand time wise. Also, THE fastest way to keep notes on progress, and to retrieve them. Been working with TIMR for over 7 years…. I cant do my job – or monthly and annual reports – without it. Its faster to check on TIMR to see if something was done, than dig into other documentation. The Android app pretty nifty too!

It works but there’s no dark mode for android, please add.

  • Thanks, we’re definitely considering a dark mode for the future!

The app works well but could use some love from the ux/ui department. For most tasks beside starting and stopping the timer I mostly find myself using the web interface because it feels more pleasant.

  • Hi Daniel, I’m glad that you like the app! A UI refresh is already planned

I have been using Timr for many, many years in my consulting business. It has been a huge time sab2er. The app works in conjunction the website, so no matter where you are you can start, stop and switch projects. Awesome App

  • Thanks a lot for your nice review Rolf!

i cant fo my job without timr. im workibg on several custom projects at once….this is the only way to track how much tine goes ibto each, and the only way to report on what aspects took the most time….as long as i defined a hierarchical prohect structure before i start booking time. Makes mobth end progress reports a breeze to do, and quarterly performance reporting soooo much easier, cause heck, i can’t even remember what i did last week, never mibd a month ago.

  • Hi Therese, thank a lot for your nice review! Is there something else that we could do to get 5* ;) Let us know at info[at]timr.com.

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