Torchlight Infinite – Restoring light to the land of Leptis

[Game] Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight InfiniteTake off to the journey with Torchlight heroes dedicated in conquering the darkness and restoring light to the land of Leptis in this true loot-based ARPG. Build your very own heroes with ultimate build flexibility, loot-based grinding and extravagant boss fights.

The Journey to Restore Light and Brilliance
When Ember Tech submerged to every corner on the land of Leptis 200 years after Torchlight II… all lives thrive under the Ember power. Beyond the prosperous civilization, the darkness that never stop corrupting begins to consume and outwit lives… It is then, a team of heroes with elite powers emerges. They confront darkness in the eye as they embark in the epic quest to fight back darkness corrupted Aemberons.

Grind to Get All
Loot to upgrade build styles and to establish a sparkling private legendary catalogue. Unlimited drops from battles all await for your selection to reveal their true value. Enhance hero builds or to prove your grind power in the in-game free-market.

Rich Build Possibilities
Together with 5 unique heroes – and many more to come – 24 talent tabs, 200+ legendary gears, 230+ powerful skills all fuelling into the utmost infinite possibility on hero builds to suit any playstyle. Whether it’s blasting foes with fields of fire and ice, hacking and slashing through waves of Aemberons, or raining fury justice down with magical projectiles – you build your very own hero!

Ultimate Free-Market
A hundred Torchlight Hunters can aspire infinite amount of unique hero builds, and you, can be an important component to someone’s prominent build. Utilize the Trade house to be a part of a booming economy. One man’s trash might be another man’s treasure! No one knows how much value your loots hold, until you get involved!

Bustling Thrill
With no stamina and no cooldowns, grind in full power anytime, anywhere! Whether you choose to smash down the incoming waves with melee attacks; blast off magical explosions and draining pools; snipe down ranged enemies, you own your very battle style. Nothing can hold you back from revealing the secrets of the fading light…

Burden-free Gaming
Staying outright free-to-play, all gears, affixes, crafting material and upgrades on attributes are all loot-based. Exclusive drops to accomplish your unique build style goals can only be obtained from power grinds. Further your personal visions on builds and appearance from available microtransactions.

Torchlight Infinite user reviews :

Connection issues, bugginess, super repetitive dialogue without separate volumes for story and rando dialogue, summons auto-fizzle so you’re constantly resummoning them, summoning odds are too low, no indicator in inventory for better or worse equipment so you have to click through every item (and even then you have to decide for yourself because the indicators in that screen are dumb). There are quite a few unique elements that make me want to keep playing, but the many problems outweigh them.

After the supreme letdown of Diablo’s mobile attempt, I was ambivalent to try this to say the least. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much but color me surprised. It’s not half bad, a few things here and there could be better(like the nearly 45 minute ‘tutorial’ lol), but overall it’s actually solid. The best part is the customizable skill tree, peak skill management right there.

First impressions are a big deal, and 10 minutes into this game, the first impression is definitely not good. Every 5 seconds, I get a spinning circle and it has to reconnect to server. This happens on wifi as well as my mobile network. I’m hoping this changes within the next day or two, because I want to like this game. I really do. But if this continues, it will become unplayable.

Definitely the best torchlight after torchlight 2. Smooth gameplay, non brain dead skill system, and most importantly no fear of missing out if you don’t have much time to play. This is the game when you just jump right up and having fun. My only complain is the battle pass pricing. If monthly battle pass is above $10 it’s straight up No. Also, coop dungeon when?

So far I can’t even start the game. After I’ve picked my authentication method and server, I get an ” Input data invalid” error. It throws up an announcement after that. If I tap Click to start, the busy indicator spins and then nothing. Will change once I can get in the game Update: An update came down the next day and resolved the issue. The game is now playable for me

I’ve only played a tiny bit so far and the game seems to have some good potential. I am wondering if there are plans to add controller support. I use a razer kishi controller and the only button that works is the one to exit game lol. I could really see myself putting some time in if support does become available down the road but with my hand issues I don’t see long grinding sessions on this game yet.

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