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TransaviaFind affordable tickets, book your trip quickly and easily manage all your data in our handy app.

We fly you to more than 100 top destinations in Europe and North Africa. Where do you want to go?

In the app, you can:
Search and book flight tickets
Add extra luggage
Choose your own seat
View your travel details
Check-In with your Mobile Boarding Pass
Login in to your My Transavia account
Receive messages (notifications)

All in one app.
With our app, you have everything you need for a pleasant journey. In addition to booking your flight, you can also choose a seat, add luggage and even arrange insurance. The app remembers your bookings and details, so it’s easy to Check-In. Is it time to check in? The app sends you a notification when it’s time.

Did you know that for many of our flights, you can do mobile check in from 30 hours before departure?

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Transavia user reviews :

Super easy to use and extremely user-friendly. And as a pet-mum, a life saver since I can easily add my pets to my travel. They fly pets all accross Europe, which is a breath of fresh air! Prices are super cheap, and travelling with your pets won’t make you have to choose between paying rent or not eating!

The app is horrible if you forget your password and when you try to book a flight. I forgot my password so I tried to fix it but it won’t send me an email cuz it redirects you to a broken link. When you book a flight it keeps going back to the start screen when coming close to the end of the process making you do all of it over agajn

A lot of bugs makes our experience with this app very frustrating. You realy need professional help to test the app correctly, and develop it on a more rofessional and responsible way. It is better than before but stil a long way to go to get it to the same level of Ryanair for example

Easy app to use, it does the job. The only hurdle was to select the passport delivery and expiry dates, you can’t manually write the date nor select a year, so that you will need to click a multitude of times on an arrow to come to the right month.

Booking a ticket in the app sends you to a web page. After you already filled out the form with destination, date etc. And then you have to start all over again, because the selection doesn’t transfer to the form on the web page. Sloppy coding

Trip with a baby (under 1 year old) and I am OBLIGED ro take a seat by the window, whereas it s impossible to sit ther with a baby in your arms. You need to be able to move, to stand up, to feel the freer possible. But no, with Transavia (only) for safety reasons parnets with babies have to sit by the window seat. In addition… they attribute me a seat in the rear of the cabin. 27! I will have to walk with the baby and the suitcase all the way along..

App doesn’t show my seat number or that I choose not to check in bagage. Just flight and time. When requesting a seat number it throws an error. No up to date information via the app, server down? After onboarding the plane all messages came in and status is updated.

It works well, better than most airline’s apps, with 2 exceptions: 1 – I increased the font size in my phone, to be able to use it without glasses. This causes the barcode in the boarding passes in the app to be unusable. Please invest in some adaptive design patterns. 2 – if I fill in my search terms, it frequently simply opens a Web page with only the date filled in: I have to re-type all the other parameters Otherwise it’s good enough that it’s my preferred method for booking flights, atm

Very disfunctional app. I had the same problem 4 times in the past years. I try to book through the app and pay with ideal, but at the payment step the transaction fails. Then when trying to book through the wedsite its not possible as the booking somehow still exists in the system. Only after several hours you it’s possible to book again but then, everytime the price has go up significantly.

website and app makes booking and additional arrangements so simple. I wish all airlines operated their online presence this way.

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