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[Game] Trap Hunter – Lost Gear

Trap HunterSALE! We are offering ‘ TRAP HUNTER -LOST GEAR- ‘ at discount, in celebration of release “Heart Breaker” and “Recoil Witch Hasami’

TRAP HUNTER -LOST GEAR- is a turn-based dungeon crawler RPG.(roguelike style)

You are not strong like a hero, but you have an artifact of trapping, called as ‘Trap Gear’.
Explore dungeon, confront monsters, and accomplish missions.
Even though boss monsters are hard to win with direct combat, but lots of traps will help you!

Enjoy fighting and strategy against strong monsters.
Trap combo brings higher damage!

LITE version can play till mission level 2.
Saved game of LITE version is not compatible with FULL version.

Trap Hunter user reviews :

Awesome game, “unique” perhaps to the Android platform, but not entirety unique. This is very similar to the Deception series of games from PlayStation 1 & 2. The main difference is you can also attack directly (poorly but still) not just with traps. Would be nice to see some room-native traps as per Kagero: Deception II in future updates (for the full game levels).

I like the game, but I want to try a few more levels to make sure it is not too redundant. I agree that an in-app control system (virtual D-pad?) should be added and or make the sprite walk to where you touch instead of one step per touch in only one direction (cannot change directions unless you lift your finger and touch again). Please be warned, the app installs into internal memory and uses OVER 150 MB. For this alone, I am reluctant to purchase the full app – it does seem to work when moved to SD card, but of course it is a little slower because of this (depending on how your system’s memory is organized).

Not bad but would be awesome with the hardware game controls

Video :

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