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TravelSpendTravelSpend is an app to track your spending while traveling the world.

It’s perfect for you if you are planning your next trip or are already on vacation. If you travel in a group you can share expenses with friends and family to see “who owes who.”

This app is for travelers like you – no matter if you are a solo traveler on a round-the-world trip, a couple backpacking together or a group of friends on a weekend holiday.

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Track your travel expenses
We designed TravelSpend specifically for travelers. It’s quick and easy to use and works offline. You can add photos and spread expenses over multiple days.

Stick to your budget
The app will help you keep track of your travel budget and to save money.

Don’t worry about currencies exchange rates
Add expenses in any currency. They will automatically convert to your home currency.

Share & sync
Invite friends or family and organize your budget together. Your data syncs in real-time cross-platform (iOS, Android).

Split costs
Share your trip with your partner or a group of friends and keep track of who owes whom. Split bills, check your balances and settle debts all within TravelSpend.

Gain insights from your spending
See your spending data visualized. You’ll be able to analyze your spending so you can avoid overspending.

Export your data
To create expense reports you can easily export your spending data to a CSV file anytime.

TravelSpend user reviews :

Updated the review: with the new version everything works fine. I simply love the app! So easy to add a budget and get track of expenses. What I would love to, would be to have a statistic per year. I am using it to track my holidays and would be preety nice to see how much money I spent on vacations on one year.

I really wanted to like this, but there are quite a few issues with it. First of all, the ability to add categories and pictures of your receipts are only available to premium subscribers. These are free in a lot of similar apps. Also, the total calculations are incorrect. I checked and double-checked my numbers, added them up on a calculator but they did not match the total in the app. I wouldn’t mind spending a few dollars total, but not per month for the app. The pricing is ridiculous.

  • Thanks for your feedback. The calculations are pretty well-tested and we are not aware of any errors. We’d be happy to troubleshoot them with you. We get that the prices may seem expensive, but the paid premium version allows us to fund further development without resorting to intrusive advertising. Feel free to reach out:

This is a great indispensable tool for us to keep track of expenses during travel! I just wish it has a field to put remarks or comments to remember details of expense items.

I’ve used this in several countries and it’s great for keeping track of my expenses especially when I’m paying for everything in cash. The categories are easy to sort and I can tell at a glance what I’m spending money on and where I’ve spent most of my money on my multi country trip. The only issue I’ve had so far is with formatting when I export it as a spreadsheet which is easy enough to fix just annoying.

This app is almost perfect but it’s missing some key features that I was looking for. – Cash remaining: I could not find anything that let’s me set a starting amount of cash that I have, ATM deposits and how much cash I have remaining so that I can reconcile it with the cash I count at the end of the day. This is a critically important feature to me. – Multiple currency cash buckets. On many trips I have to manage multiple cash buckets in different currencies USD, EUR, local etc.

Great app, the Developers has the right concepts in mind & focus on the right features. Empowering paid users while letting free users use the app. One of the few apps I would recommend buying the “for life license”.

  • Thank you very much!

Great little app to keep track of your travel expenditures. I would love to buy the full version of the app but it’s ridiculously expensive (~$80). Please make it more affordable

I have downloaded several track expenses app previously, and thus far, Travel Budget app is the one that could meet my needs. the dashboard provides a neat representation of the expenses along with the category. One of my favourite features was the Credit card option and also able to choose the currency (& also modify the currency exchange rate).. and the best – you could export them to .CSV for further customisation of your expenses report. but I cant input amt with decimal place.

  • Thanks for your kind review. You should be able to enter decimal amounts. Please get in touch by email or in-app chat so we can help you.

very good app, but first I miss the feature to create a whole trip with different countries for each country I can define a seperate budget. Now I have to create a trip for every country. Other feature that I miss is a dashboard which show me who has a debt and who has a credit to figure out who has to pay next time if multiple travelers are active during a trip.

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