Trench Assault – Guide your army and win the trench war

[Game] Trench Assault

Trench AssaultTrench Assault : Humanity thought that a strike of WW1 and WW2 would never happen again.

But it seems that Armageddon had already begun… Help peaceful country survive! Master command of war, guide your army and win the trench war!

Lead your troops to historic triumph! Build a strong card deck and crush your enemy’s HQ by tactically deploying your army!

Numerous military equipment is at your disposal: stormtroopers, artillery, bunkers, snipers, machine gunners, guns, a tank, a bomb. Earn medals and climb up the Leaderboard! Open crates to unlock new powerful units and spells! Will you get one of the legendary cards?

World War 2 theme
Destroy enemy HQ to unlock cards
Trench warfare with epic explosions
Earn medals
Quick and spectacular battles
Deck building: aggro, control, combo-archetypes
Play for free!

Variation in strategy and freedom of operation are waiting for you. Fight for courage and glory! Become an honored Commander!

Are you having problems? Contact us at or in the game by going to Settings > Support.

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Trench Assault user reviews :

This new version is not fun and the tutorial is long and not needed. The tutorial is just a dozen missions with each one showing you that you can add units. Yet another fun mobile game ruined by the devs!

Didn’t play the original incarnation, so this review reflects the latest version. The game design, concept and graphics are all good, but the gameplay is quite deceiving. You are lured into a false sense of success with a slew of new cards, and easy opponents. However, once the gold runs dry, and your lock boxes are less plentiful, you begin to lose the ability to level your cards. On top of this, you begin to lose most of your matches, losing levels, because your opponents conveniently have much higher level cards than you (read: not real players, but A.I. designed to force you to spend). This is a money sink, and not really complex enough of a game to make it worth paying for.

What happened to the retro graphics and the old gameplay?! I loved it! It all changed in a single update and its now a card collecting game! It lost all its charm! Can this be a seperate game instead of getting rid of the old trench assault? I realize you put a lot of effort into the game and i appreciate the passion, but all of the charm is gone. All the strategy and simplicity of the old game. I miss it.

It’s great don’t get me wrong, I love the visual upgrade and game mechanics and the effort redesigning the game and gameplay but If only the release it as a separate app and I kinda don’t like the “you have to be online to play this game.” idea. I win and I lose rarely but If they re-release the classic version I would be happy! The challenge of what to deploy to suppress the garrisoned building or destroy the bunker was hella fun. So if the devs are really listening, re-release the old one.

I like it but… I miss the original style of the game. When I saw it got “upgraded” I was hoping it actually got upgraded; not became an entirely new game. The whole strategy of moving from trench to trench was pretty great, despite its simplicity. It was also offline which I was looking for in the first place.

Loved the old game: simple and really fun to play to waste a little time. But now it’s just a shameless cash-grab capitalising on good reviews for the old game. Id give the original 4/5

Liked the original version better compared to the new one now, feels like a new game I’m playing. Felt like I was playing clash royale Pls change it back to the old version

Love the re-do on the game. Just an idea but to keep everyone hating in the comments happy you could add the old game in too

Bring back the original trench assault right now!!! It was so much better

Pretty good game in my opinion the only problem I have is that you can never get stars fast enough but still a good game

Latest Update :

Please welcome a new update!
We introduced Commanders to the game!
Adjusted the balance of some Heroes and their abilities
Updated Navy Operations
Added 250 new quests Behind Enemy Lines
Added 370 new Airborne Missions

Check in and collect the most powerful combination of Commanders!

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