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[Game] Truck Simulator PRO USA

Truck Simulator PRO USAExperience the Thrill of Trucking in Truck Simulation PRO USA!

Get ready to hit the open road and become a professional trucker in the immersive world of Truck Simulation PRO USA! Take the wheel of powerful trucks and navigate through stunning landscapes across the United States. With realistic physics and detailed graphics, this truck simulator game by Mageeks will transport you into the heart of the trucking industry.

Mobile Gameplay, Realistic Challenges:
Immerse yourself in the exciting world of trucking right on your mobile device! Truck Simulation PRO USA offers a wide variety of challenging missions and tasks to conquer. Haul cargo, complete deliveries, and overcome obstacles on your way to becoming a true trucking expert. This truck simulation game delivers an authentic trucking experience that will keep you engaged for hours.

Realistic Truck Simulation:
Feel the power and control of a variety of meticulously detailed trucks as you navigate through dynamic weather conditions and day-night cycles.  Truck Simulation PRO USA provides a realistic driving experience, from managing your fuel consumption to handling challenging road conditions. The attention to detail in the truck models and environments will make you feel like you’re behind the wheel of a real truck.

Expand Your Trucking Empire:
Build your own trucking empire and conquer the highways of the United States!  Complete missions, earn rewards, and unlock new trucks to add to your fleet. Expand your reach, establish profitable routes, and become the ultimate trucking tycoon. Take on challenging contracts, manage your resources, and watch your empire grow.

Download Now and Hit the Road!
Gear up, download Truck Simulation PRO USA now, and embark on an unforgettable trucking adventure across the United States! Experience the thrill of long-haul trucking, explore stunning landscapes, and deliver your cargo on time. Get ready to become the king of the highways in Truck Simulator PRO USA!

Ready to take on the trucking challenge? Get behind the wheel in Truck Simulation PRO USA by Mageeks.

Truck Simulator PRO USA user reviews :

Great game has a lot of potential, but devs need to rework the over all UI of the game first the control, the steering wheel is too small and most of the important buttons are hard to reach/ not readily accessable. Make the wheel Bigger, put the GPS on the dashboard of the truck, makes the UI more transparent, reposition some buttons; example put the horn button in the middle of the steering wheel. Hope the devs see this and helped them. Also truck physics is a must Priority. Can’t type all sugg

The game is really good. l love the driver auto reverse camera, it really gives a realistic feeling reversing from the inside. My biggest concern is the steering controls, especially the tilt steering. The truck sways too much even with tiny hand movements. It even moves from heart paulse at speeds of 70 KPH up. This issue really affects game play, please work on it. Other thing is the Acceleration pedal, it responds fast in reverse but hesitates to get truck going forward. Smoothly.

Amazing game but since it’s the earliest version there are a lot of bugs like the traffic signal lights aren’t visible , the controls aren’t upto the mark ( August 2023 version ) the game still needs optimization since my 8 gb ram Android mobile barely runs it at ultra graphics. The map is just gorgeous and huge and it feels like you are driving in an American road . Trust me this game is currently the 2nd best simulator game on Android it needs more smooth gameplay to get the first spot.

This game is good overhaull but I think it needs improvement especially in the camera, i need to use 3 fingers to just adjust my camera. I also discovered a glich in the fpp view where the sky and all flashes some times. It also needs improvement in the cutting currency iv i not follow the rule, i want that the cut needs to be reduced. There is also one glich where it doesn’t connect with Google play. Overhaull i would recommend this game but it still needs improvements.

Game graphics nice, trucks are those like but camera zoom in and out or swipe left or right should be worked on. Let it be easy to select without moving fast and when trailer hooked, the trailer is too long such that not easy to show back trailer indicators, fix this and five stars. I like the steering wheel mode and just make it bigger. Camera mode swipe right, zoom in and out my best. Good job developers

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