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[Game] Tsuki Adventure 2

Tsuki Adventure 2The sequel to the smash hit pocket bunny’s adventure has arrived!

Embark on a new journey out from the Japanese forests and countryside vistas of Mushroom Village and into the unknown! In this new episode of the beloved rabbit’s tale, follow Tsuki along the winding path as he explores the enchanting groves of the kawaii world.

Immerse yourself in the charming aesthetic of a kinder world, where furry friends, thrilling mysteries, and fulfilling choices await.

Uncover the Secrets of the World
Journey through lush groves and discover the hidden wonders that await.
This new episode brings new discoveries and exciting adventures.
Let Tsuki’s story unfold in unexpected ways as you travel to different countries!

Build and Upgrade Your Cozy Home
Create your own cozy home with adorable furniture and decorations.
Upgrade your establishment and unlock new areas.

Experience the Joy of Animal Friendship
Tons of furry friends to meet, from playful pets to wise elders
Explore heartwarming relationships and cherish moments by the beach or during a peaceful picnic.
Bond with animal people from around the world, discover their stories, and create long-lasting memories!

Escape to a Pocket-Sized Paradise
Indulge in the serene beauty of Tsuki’s pocket world, originally inspired by the peaceful charm of Japan, and now with vistas from around the world.
Relax on the sandy beach, take leisurely strolls through bamboo forests, feel the wind on a biplane ride, and find solace in the simple pleasures of Tsuki’s enchanting realm.
A bustling, living world continues to move in your pocket, even when you’re not playing!

Re-Connect with Old Friendships
Dive into heartwarming found-family dynamics as Tsuki rekindles connections with beloved characters like Chi, the giraffe, and Moca, the tea-loving turtle!
Experience the joy of friendship, love, and support as Tsuki’s furry family grow.

Welcome to Tsuki Adventure 2, where the path forward will always lead to new places, charming animal interactions, and the cozy joys of Tsuki’s relaxed lifestyle await.Tsuki is back in an all new adventure! Travel to cities all over the globe and meet new characters as you observe your favorite rabbit experiencing all the ordinary, yet wonderful things that life has to offer.

Tsuki Adventure 2 user reviews :

The game is ok. It’s cute, but there’s not much to do, the writing is awkward, and it’s really obvious they want you to pay for things (like the Club Moon membership) or else you wait 3 days to travel every time, etc. The ads also try to auto download the apps they’re advertising which I absolutely hate. I was excited to try this one after not liking the first Tsuki Odyssey for many of the same reasons, and I don’t know what I expected but I am pretty disappointed.

The first age input screen is laggy at first. There’s no linked account for backup yet, so you have to manually copy-paste the code of your progress backup. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the first game, so I wonder why don’t just update the first game instead? It’s sad that the og is pretty much a dead game.

Would have given more stars but it wasn’t my favorite thing, incredibly confusing and I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to be doing 90% of the time. The game also feels incredibly different from the first one game play wise which is annoying. It’s still a good game but it could definitely use some updates

  • Hello, you can contact us directly if you tap our email button located in the Account section in settings if you need help with the gameplay. We’ll be glad to help you. Thanks for playing!

I played the first one many years ago and it was my go-to escape game for a very long time. I was super excited to hear they were making a second one and it’s lived up well to the first one. Can’t wait to see what areas/interactions I have to come

It’s super cute and overall I really like it, I havnt played it for long but I am a hard-core fan of tsuki odyssey and I’ve become more and more in love with hyper beard overall, so I would recommend these games to anyone who’s looking for some adorable characters and some chill music

A fun time so far, very much like the original Tsuki Adventure, though I’ve not encountered the option to play as Tsuki’s friends as advertised; unsure if this unlocks later

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