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Tune Me is the ultimate recording studio for singers, rappers, and vocalists.

Record tracks with vocal effects like Auto-Pitch and Pitch Shift. Use your own beats as backing-tracks (unlimited importing for free), record your vocals, and share your tracks with the world.

Create high-quality tracks with pro-level recording, editing, and syncing tools. Set the Auto-Pitch effect to full strength to sound like famous rappers and singers, or lower it for subtle, professional correction.

Recording and Editing Features
Fast processing – effects applied in background while recording
Calibration – automatically syncs vocals with the beat
Mixer – adjust volume of vocals and beat separately
Waveform Display – visualization of audio helps you stay on track while recording
Vocal Monitor – shows the level of volume and lights up if you’re singing too loudly

Pro Upgrade
Take your recording to the next level with these awesome extra features:

Multitrack Recording
Record multiple lines in your track or recover over your mistakes
Swipe to seek the waveform and start recording at any point in the track

 Extra Audio Effects
Pitch shifter – drop your voice an octave lower or shift if higher
Harmonize – creates a chorus-like effect of duplicated vocal tracks
The Pro version is ad-free

Tune Me user reviews :

Best freestyle app had it for 3 years and I never get tired of it the features are so clear to understand and after purchasing it just adds more to the app

We need our own profiles Opened my file and there is no update and about to lose about 30 songs lucky I saved some oh well I gusse win some and lose some…

I love this app it’s amazing to me I had it for over 2 years now I just wish you were able to log in also was able to store your music in the cloud that they supply. I also wish it was easier to find your songs by type the name. and i hope they would add more features like Smooth voice They have auto tune but it doesn’t work for me I always sound weird. otherwise I would have gave them 5 stars but i still love that its very clear with a professional sound.

I can’t say this is great at autotuning. The “tuning” function of this app is really lacking, it sounds incredibly robotic and artificial, even at the lowest percentage. However, it does work really well just as a quality voice recorder. Other voice recorders shut off as soon as any audio (music, calls, etc) is initiated through the speaker. This can run in the background, even picking up phone audio, so it has capabilities that every other recorder I’ve used doesn’t. Worth it for that alone!

I came across this app in 2016 and I purchased it. This is really a great app to record yourself rapping or singing with or without a beat. The app will browse your music files, downloaded files, and your SD card for music. I have alot of beats on my devices and right as you open the app and go to my beats. There are all your beats. I haven’t had any problems with this app. I highly recommend it to any artist who is always freestyling on the go.

Several years back everything besides certain beat downloads were for free, the quality of this App has always been nice but taking away the pitch change that it used to have open for free back in 2010 deserves to have a star rating taken away. The quality is great, there used to be an app called Perfect Vocal in 2012 that was competitive with this app, but that app dont exist anymore. Besides the price changes, everything is great. This app is worth downloading if you know how to use autotune.

Interesting to say the least, definitely turns you into a overly auto tuned robot. Unlike stereotypical auto tune apps it tries to remix with extra sounds to distort your ears from hearing the auto tuned voice recording and make it more appealing. Was pretty hard to listen to although I liked the aspect of the song clips and variety of music. Great for the straight up rapper who wants to record over a beat, not the greatest for someone aspiring to use an auto tune app to create auto tuned music

Its good, but the problem is that after recording your songs on the instrumental, it plays them as they are good when still in the app, but when you go for your music in the story, the good music you recorded doesnot play well as the volume of the instrumental is very low and the voice is high, what a sheet of this app. Another thing about the auto pitch, it makes yo good voice appear robotic If you immprove on those areas i wiil give you a 5 star rate and change my review

I’m a whistler & I love to whistle… Crickets hate when I imitate them & they go run, or try & down themselves… Anyways, I will whistle to any song, don’t matter the speed, & I can follow along with what I am listening to & hear myself whistle. I never would have thought I would ever find an app that could help me practice my whistling. & The music’s I favor most are classical, & a lot of different styles of techno… & both can get very challenging!

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