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[Game] Tupek

TupekTupek its an animal pet ( Tamagotchi ), that you need to take care and provide it with the right amount of fun!

Adopt it into your pocket!

Feed him, preparing dishes with different ingredients.
Take care of his health.
Get out for a walk.
Play games
Buy food, hats, glasses, balls and more!
And more!

also if you have any ideas? go ahead and write to us!

Tupek user reviews :

Nice game, but needs more stuff. It’s starting to make me laugh because it was really funny when I first installed it, but there are problems. There are not enough clothes and skin colors, but only hats, a very small screen, and extremely few minigames, it’s very boring. It’s a good but OK game.

The game is fun but you need to ad mini games like whack a mole, care drive, color match, food swap,catching chicken, and more but ad more items in shop like, potions,skin color,shirts,hats 2,glasses 2, and more but last bot not the least pls add the decorate the house or rooms or the scene I hope you like my review

  • Yes! You’re absolutely right :) This game will be 90% rewritten. This is a very old version of the game, but there are big plans to resurrect it :)) Thank you for feedback! Best regards

Possibly the first of all Pou clones. It doesn’t have many clothes and skin colors, and the screen is too small. Edit: There are extremely few minigames, so it gets boring over time. Can you add more?

  • Yeah, the game will be rewriten :) Now I am working on my main project Almora Darkosen :) Thanks for feedback

Pretty much nostalgic to me, when I used to download random virtual pets on my now 8 years old Android 2.2 phone. I’ve read the game is planned for a rewrite. Will at least the older source code be released to the public, as open source? Would be something that, at least me, will appreciate

  • Hello :) Nice to hear that you played this game some years ago :) Yes, I plan to rewrite the whole game, but I am not sure about to share the old source code… i will think about it :) Thanks and best regards!

Tupek is the cutest! I love taking care of him! The only thing this game really needs is more minigames! :) Still super fun though!

  • Thank you very much! :) There will be some new updates in the future

I kept laughing at the game character but I install it for nostalgia on my recommendations

I installed this game for a key in Almoria Darkosen… plz give me my key. I have children, and that’s all the tamagotchis i need. Thank you.

  • I installed this game for a key in Almoria Darkosen… plz give me my key. I have children, and that’s all the tamagotchis i need. Thank you.

I really did enjoy it and its a bit better than pou.And prices are kind of high for stuff but that doesnt stop me from liking it.

This is way better than pou i let my pou go it was worth it you should get it

Need more to do lyk furniture t.vs n ect. Neighbors to go see pool to swim in taking care of your yard maken up bed cleaning house maken it able to get dirty I have lots of ideas but other then adding on to the game its A REALLY FUN GAME!!

This app is quiet well designed, and has perspective. This is still beta, so I don’t know what to expect. I give you full support, keep on a great work. Peace.

This game is fun,but theres really not much to do. Pou is still #1 .

Okay well topek is a good game but it needs more stuff to do and pou is a really really good game I love playing it. If yallnjust added more stuff it would be a really good game

Get tupek and pou cause their the almost the same exact thing so get both

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