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UDisc Live  WARNING: this app has no functionality unless you are keeping score for a pre-registered tournament using UDisc Instant Scoring.

UDisc Live allows score keepers for using UDisc Instant Scoring to easily enter scores from a hand-crafted mobile app.

Go here for scorekeeper training: udisclive.com/help

UDisc live is a familiar, but new take on scoring a round of disc golf – instead of entering the number of strokes for each player, data is entered for every stroke – this level of detail allows dozens of statistics to be calculated instantly for consumption by fans of the event.

How to score with UDisc Live:
1.) It’s best to have dedicated score keepers who have 1 job, which is to enter scores via UDisc Live – if players are keeping score, enable “fast scoring” from the settings button on the tee time page. See udisclive.com/help#advancedScoring
2.) Since data has to be entered about every throw, try to enter the stroke as soon as the throw happens so it’s easier to remember.

When entering a stroke, ask yourself, “where did the disc land?” One of the following can be chosen: off fairway, fairway, circle 1 (0-10m), circle 2 (10-20m), OB or In The Basket. If the disc lands in the basket, select the approximate distance of the made putt.

There is one exception: if the throw goes “OB” you will be asked to select from where the player is taking their drop throw from before you enter the next throw. This adds the OB stroke and tells us where the drop zone is located.

If you have feedback, please contact us on facebook @udisclive – Thanks for using UDisc Live!

UDisc Live user reviews :

Best App for Disc Golf! Always improving and up to date. Perfect for finding courses you never knew you had in your area or ones you just have to play again. Customizable maps and scorecards. The course condition update button is amazing and helpful. Only wish you could find friends and add them on the free version without having to pay for the pro subscription. But all on all the best disc golf app for android.

It says failed to register score keeper when putting in my name and email . Any ideas why ? I need this app .
  • UDisc LLC
  • Hi Jon – the app you downloaded (UDisc Live) is only used for live scoring large tournaments like DGPT or Majors. You probably meant to download the free UDisc app. Please download that app and update or remove your review here. Thanks!
White screen says tap to setup but nothing happens, don’t work on my phone, I have a old small phone and it does not fit on my screen. But I watch DGPT and love your score system, just wish u made one like that for us to use with our friends, I hope it’s in the works, because I would love to use them stats and scoring system for my private league, thank you and keep up the good work
  • UDisc LLC
  • Vic – this app is for keeping score at a DGPT, NT, Worlds, USDGC or other event on udisclive.com/schedule. If you want to view scores go to udisclive.com or access the UDisc Live section in the More tab of the regular UDisc app. If you can update your review we’d appreciate it, this app is only for keeping score at major events on our schedule.

Great app. Udisc is constantly improving. It has come a long way and has grown. Live scoring is incredible and stats to boot. Once you get familiar with how it works you will be impressed. Please support ! CDGB4L…BHLS247

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App was removed from Play Store

But you can try UDisc Disc Golf  app

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