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UEFA tvUEFA.tv Always Football. Always On.

Download UEFA.tv and register for free to access great live and on-demand video coverage from across UEFA’s competitions.

Fans can sign-up to enjoy live match streaming of UEFA’s Youth, Women’s and Futsal competitions*, match re-runs, magazine shows, live UEFA draw coverage and much more.

Throughout the regular season, UEFA.tv will also feature post-match highlights from UEFA’s flagship competitions including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, UEFA Nations League, and European Qualifiers.

In addition, content from the very best of UEFA’s historic video archive will be featured in the form of classic matches, legendary players and compelling football storytelling.

Existing UEFA registered users can simply sign in to UEFA.tv with their current credentials.

Download the app today and enjoy the best of European football on UEFA.tv.
*Live matches subject to restrictions in certain territories.

UEFA tv user reviews :

You have to make adjustments both app and website, i have some suggestions; 1st: the video sections of the tournaments are disorganized, the UCL the finals archive are disorganized, you need to organize well 2nd; video quality still needs to improve, every match have the score, you need to remove the scores 3rd; the app always forget my login details, and that is annoying, fifa+ are outclassed you and isn’t that good please fix this

Poor quality app. One of the only apps on my phone that occasionally forgets my login details. And the highlights are just awful – stupidly short at just 2 minutes long…with the score of the game in the title! Honestly if I wanted something that rubbish, there are dozens of highlight clips on YouTube that ruin the score on you before you watch.

Nice looking app with bad UX and few functionality. It is hardly possible to find specific match, it’s review or recording. I need just endless scroll and hope that I’ll find what I need. Need to rethink navigation concept

For those saying they are unable to create account/login, I initially had the same issue. The problem was that I was keeping the usernames that the app automatically enters. As soon as I changed those, the account worked immediately. Now the app works fine and has some great content.

Incredibly frustrating that it doesn’t do support simple things such as entering in PIN code to access UEFA.TV on Android TV platform although it claims to. I know strictly speaking this isn’t feedback for The Android TV platform, but as there isn’t a place to leave developer feedback for this is the next best thing. Anyway, even the dreaded ITV hub is compatible with PIN code prompts for Smart TVs and Set top boxes. Shudder….

Worked well for about a week but suddenly stopped loading streams on wifi. Switch to cellular data and starts working again. Firestick app stopped working at exact same time. Next day everything is back working. App is logging in and streaming over wifi. UEFA support did try to help but it looks like the problem resolved itself.

This app is terribly organized. Also, why do they tell you all the results before you watch the march or highlights!? It’s only getting 3 stars because it allows you to watch all Champions League and Europa League matches and highlights.

Great app. Great video quality . My only issue I’ve had is when I try to cast to the TV, it plays for exactly 1 minute then freezes ( it works perfectly if you’re just watching from your native device)

I would like to give it 5 star if we can choose the video quality. Because it take 200mb in just 5 minutes,its to massive for us who didn’t use wifi connections,please we need your understanding about this one. I really appreciate this app and uefa bcs its free. With this situation,with everything in the world are all-paid..i really appreaciate this cos its really amazing content from you guys. Just needed one more,video quality settings okay,it would be perfect!

The app is great. It is also free. But we need video quality settings and sometimes when I choose a video it says the content isn’t available to me.Please fix this.

It’s a great app. The Content of matches are really good. The app would would be much better if you can give us the option to switch video quality. Thanks.

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