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Uhive Uhive has collectively made it our mission to create the world’s first and fastest growing social metaverse.

This drive is purely based on our incredible desire to take back our digital lives from Big Tech, and return the balance of power to the people.

Real-world politics are so obfuscated it’s (for the foreseeable future) a lost cause. But the digital world is still within our grasp – we built Uhive to reach a level that Big Tech cannot ignore.

Our network of ~1 million registered users ARE TRUE BELIEVERS in what the metaverse and Uhive can deliver. With one call to action Uhive’s users can make a (metaverse) world of difference.

On a technical level, we’ve built features into the Uhive platform that simply don’t exist anywhere else and created IP like “Digital Economy Insight” tools, to give users unmatched control over their digital assets.

The metaverse cannot be owned, it can only be built, and we’re building faster, bigger, and better than most.

Uhive exists to fulfill Gen Z and Millennials’ craving for community and ownership driven economies on a social media platform. Web3 exists, and Metaverse worlds like Uhive, to reject the idea of centralized, value-extracting experiences, which is what users get right now on legacy social platforms.

Uhive is the fastest-growing Web3, or social Metaverse app, with over 1 million users;

Virtual land you can buy
Our own NFT marketplace
True free speech (community moderation)
Digital asset management tools built-in
Native social token (ERC20)
Interest-based content discovery

We’ve lowered almost every barrier-to-entry into Web3 by making digital currency as easy as signing up to a social network, collecting or monetizing NFTs by allowing users to mint at zero-cost, and also trade NFTs with Uhive tokens which they earn for their time on the app.

The Uhive platform’s financial system is built around the Ethereum blockchain which enables users to own and analyze their data and assets via the app’s native crypto wallet.

True freedom of speech exists on Uhive because the platform’s moderation is not controlled by a centralized team, but users, via public moderation, that is now open to everyone!

We welcome all feedback

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Twitter – twitter.com/UHivesocial
Facebook – www.facebook.com/UHIVESocial
Instagram – www.instagram.com/uhive/

You can email us directly at: support[at]uhive.com

Uhive user reviews :

This is a good app lots of options great ideas beyond this app. I’m new to this app still trying to solve app settings space chats following personal profile find instructions on how to use them very hard to understand. Would be nice if all settings were in one place. nice if this app could add groups or communities to the list of many great ideas that they have. Overall this app is going up up . Giving a big thumbs up

I’m blown away at the ideals proposed & how quickly I felt like it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be. They’re plans for the metaverse make perfect sense & I’m so excited for all the features! This is the smartest way for anyone to start establishing their presence in the metaverse & that’s only the beginning. Uhive is making learning about all things Crypto fun, exciting, & I’m thrilled to say, they make it even make sense with zero confusion! Simplicity, ingenuity, & equal opportunity!!

I am personally going to start investing in this app. As someone who has been banned multiple times from Facebook. From jokes taken out of context without any way of appealing them or, any route towards a solution. I fully support a feasible alternative. I see Uhive as that alternative. Facebook is just authoritarian. They are against my countries constitutional rights and take away my freedom of speech. Their AI experiments are worrisome. I have been ready to jump ship and onto new land.

Awesome app. I’ve already invited a friend and haven’t even completed my our tour or completed my profile. If definitely cutting edge and maybe more than I can handle. I do except to see this app go viral. Five Stars because it so what I wanted to create but didn’t have the know how. Well done UHIVE!!!

5 stars for potential. Easy to set up. Bought a handful of spaces in different categories + space names which are 1/1. Some of the names I bought that were not taken by anyone else prior, are.. “Topps, Water Sports, Pokemon Center, Trading Cards, Gucci Mang, Stake.us, Salutations”, Worth checking out and setting up than just wait for the updates.

So far it has been all positive. I love not being drowned in negativity. I just hope that they find a way to make it easier to navigate. I find myself lost when on my own home page and can’t review my own material once I started following people. I would like to see a secondary page that allows you to review only your own material.

  • Hello, thank you for ur feedback, we are still building it, and ur feedback will help, thank you again, u can go to your profile and you can see all your materials and spaces in a simple page :) hope this will help

A beautiful app that makes monetization possible for even the smallest creators or just regular users. It’s a great concept that is completely community centered and community run! Everything posted made or bought on the platform can be resold. I will definitely be a life long user!

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