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[App] Ulike – Define your selfie in

Ulike Perfect your features with personalized fine-tuning
Touch-up your eyes, nose and mouth right after photo-taking. No more need for post-editing. Save your favorite edits that define your gorgeous features so you will never have to retouch again!

Variety pose samples for your reference
Follow the guideline and easily get the fashion blogger style’s pictures. Selfie, street snap, shopping, travel… With various themes, you can find suitable pose for different scenes.

Look more stylish and classy than ever
Never bored with our various filters and makeup tools. Style cover looks of your own.

Look lovely anytime with enhanced filters
Innovative filters give you a glowing and supple complexion. Trendsetter, Indie, Artsy, Retro… Choose your favorite filter! We have every style for you!

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Ulike user reviews :

It used to be my go to selfie app because of how natural the filters are. Ever since the app updated, it automatically applies premium filters when you open the app. It doesn’t allow you to save photo unless you pay premium. You have to turn off several settings (or apply free filters) BEFORE you take that picture or you will lose the photo (should you not want to buy premium). Most ridiculous app update ever. Uninstalling.

Really good app, been using it for years but all of a sudden the pop up for VIP has become to intrusive. Uninstalling and looking for a new app. Sad because it was the best app for filters and taking cute photos FREE without being to in your face about paying. I’m not wasting time taking a picture, deleting it because of the VIP pop up and then taking the same picture again.

This is a good app and been using this for years now. But today, I took a selca but I’m unable to save the photo because it says only VIP members can do that regardless if the filters are free or not. It confuses me, why all of a sudden I hope someone can enlighten me about it.

I’ve been using this app for years and when i checked the app today. It seems like good things really don’t last long since we have to PAY now to save a picture. REALLY? Literally saving a picture that takes like a second but we have to pay for it. You guys are really thirsty for money..

It’s a good app! I actually use this to take photo especially portrait photos or selfies! Tho I just have one problem, the 3:4 resolution won’t function well. I think it’s broken or I don’t know. After taking photo, output will always be zoomed and it ruins the picture. I hope you can fix this and help me with this problem.. Thank you in advance!

So weird. I had been use this app few yrs ago. I was love this app so much due the effect was so awesome and beautiful, but why suddenly cant download photo? I not the person who taking selfie by everyday, I just take selfie like once a month. But why this app sudden become need pay to download? Even the effect is not VIP lvl and I had been use b4!! I tell u, if u really dun take this problem seriously, u will loss a lot fans or supporter. Cuz not much ppl will spend money to download the photo.

Can’t be contented? I’ve been using this app for almost a year and after the update, saving photos using the “free” fonts can’t be saved any more, need to pay money lol. I guess this is good bye

I’ve been using this app for more than a year, and now i cant even use the ‘looks’ or filter that I used almost everytime cause we have to pay for it to save a photo now. Goodbye then.

This app is awesome! Just wow! My android cam feels like an Iphone cam now. Hahaha! And one more thing, though there’s a VIP filter but still there are more filters that are free to use! This app deserves more than 5 stars I just have a little problem about the video. It’s a little lag and sometimes it didn’t record. But anyways! It’s great after all! Thank youuuu! Hope you can fix the video. Mwa.

I will give 5 star because all the filters are amazing and it works well unlike the other app this one is superb

i love the app that’s for sure tho im giving it a 4 this time, only bc i have a new phone and it doesn’t seem to have the same effect that of my old one. particular this one filter that is my best friend. hope this can be fixed or whatever tru an update. thanks!

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