Unblock Red Wood – Sliding the other blocks off its way out

[Game] Unblock Red Wood

Unblock Red Wood   Unblock is a simple puzzle game which can also be very addictive.

The goal is to unblock the path of the special red block by sliding the other blocks off its way out.

We have tried to build the best version of this popular game, enhancing and expanding the features that are available in other similar Unblockers – slide puzzle – games.

Unblock, offers the following features:

Over 3000 puzzles perfectly rated in 4 difficulty levels. Which will increase and increase in number in the future as we have the ability to construct more maps on demand.
A “Special Mode” that no other unblocker game has. Introducing blocks that you can move in just one direction, or a limited number of times, or even do not move at all. It is just awesome!
The best Multiplayer experience, sharing two copies of the same level in one single screen.
The “Arcade Mode”, a race against the clock solving multiple puzzles that grow in difficulty. A quick 2 to 3 minutes match that you will surely like when you want to take a short break.
Global stats, where you can see your time or your movements for each solved puzzle, not against specific users, but against a much more friendly Global Average.
Multiple and varied graphics themes, including of course the Red Wood, and more to come.
Build directly for Android and for Android alone, while most others compromise a full android experience to make a game compatible with several platforms.
Finally, the best Hint System in Google Play, capable of offering a solution from any position and not just from the initial position, thanks to our Android native technology.

Unblock! is a very robust Android game, we are truly aiming to offer the best possible experience when adding this app to our suite of puzzle games in Cool Android Appz.

And, as always, we monetize our apps by using unobtrusive ads, just banners at the bottom of the screen, out of the action, with no refresh so they are as static as possible and only interact with you when you are truly interested in what they offer.

Hope you like it as much as we do, thanks!

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Unblock Red Wood user reviews :

The theme options are unique. The game’s draw back is in having no way to choose the desired level of expertise.

I am a professional at this game and I know every trick there is

I really enjoy it. Thanks a bunch.

Awesome! Everyone should try it……Great game for relieving stress…….Very relaxing….Fun…Great graphics. I love the wooden concept. Hope more levels will be added….More challenging…. Keeps your brain thinking….Good for passing time.

New game to me think it’s going to drive me nuts
  • Cool Android Appz
  • Hi Lorraine, thanks for the kind words and review. May I ask you how you found the game? We are having trouble making it visible to people even though we think it is a fun and very well built game… it does not make it to any Google listings. SO info on how you found it is very useful. Thanks! The Dev.

Relaxing and a great stress buster

Loving it, hope you like this app as much as we do!

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