Undawn – Fight to survive in this apocalyptic wasteland

[Game] Undawn

UndawnExplore, adapt, and survive in Undawn, a free-to-play open-world survival RPG for mobile and PC developed by LightSpeed Studios and published by Level Infinite.

Embark on an adventure with other survivors four years after a worldwide disaster where hordes of infected roam a shattered world. Undawn combines PvP and PvE modes as players fend off dual threats of the infected and other humans as they fight to survive in this apocalyptic wasteland.

Become the endurance expert. Protect your home, allies, and what’s left of humanity against overwhelming odds. The seamless open world of Undawn is filled with realistic details, made using Unreal Engine 4. In this world, players must brave rain, heat, snow, and storms and track their character’s survival indicators such as Hunger, Body Type, Vigor, Health, Hydration, and even Mood. Changes in the environment will also affect these survival indicators in real time. Players can customize their character’s appearance and outfits, interact with other players to trade weapons and resources, and fight to protect their resources.

Dare to explore a huge seamless map filled with distinct terrains such as plains, mines, deserts, swamps, and abandoned cities, each with diverse ecosystems filled with animals, plants, and weather systems. While exploring the remains of society, players can discover special game modes through interactive environmental items, embattled strongholds, and dynamic weekly events and side quests. Players must bravely explore the continent, learning to craft tools, master different weapons, build a shelter, search for survival buddies, and do everything they can to stay alive. The infected can appear anytime as you are exploring and are a huge threat to your continued existence!

Rebuild a new home and a new civilization with the wisdom of humanity – build your base of operations to your specifications and survive on your own or with your friends inside a massive 1-acre manor. The robust free building system allows more than 1,000 types and styles of furniture and structures, as well as ways to grow your settlement over time. Search for other outposts to form alliances and fight back against the infected together to keep your home safe.

Set yourself up for success as a member of the storied Raven Squad. The raven is traditionally a symbol of death and bad omens but can also stand for prophecy and insight. Your squad lives between these two meanings each day and night. In the new world, four years after the disaster, survivors have split into different factions, each with their own rules of survival. Face off against members of the Clowns, Eagles, Night Owls, and Reivers for territory, and get through some darkest nights for the next sunrise.

Protect your home, allies, and what’s left of humanity against all odds with a wide variety of weapons and armor for you and your homebase. Beyond the standard weapons, players can also use other tactical gear including melee weapons, drones, decoy bombs, auto turrets and more to level the playing field. Choose from more than 50 types of vehicles for quick supply runs and to conquer new lands, while utilizing tailored-to-environment tactics to dominate the various infected zones found throughout the game.

Expand your world and define your way of survival in the world of Undawn. Discover how you can make the best out of the apocalypse with a variety of game modes and activities to engage in as you rebuild your life. Whether you choose to get competitive in a Grand Prix race, hop into a futuristic mech to bring into battle, or even compose and play your own music in Band mode, the choice is yours to make.

Undawn user reviews :

Strange one for me this. I like it, I like the freedom, the difficulty level and learning curve, its all very well done. Plenty to do and explore. I just can’t rate it higher at the moment because of quite a few lag issues and a few pointless tasks, like when you have to go somewhere to speak to someone with zero purpose, only to have to go back where you came from. Graphics are good and sound is good. I’ve had to uninstall though cos it heats my phone lots.

  • We sincerely hope that you can continue to play the game. You can try the following methods: 1. Check if the phone is charging and Low Power Mode is enabled. 2. Close all processes in the background, restart devices, and clear device cache. 3. Reduce the frame rate setting and graphics settings in Game Settings>Screen Settings.

So far the game itself is fantastic, it’s very different other survival gamess. I love that we can chat through our phones microphone to other players and that we can actually build a nice home fairly easy and get rewards for it. I love that it’s play as a third person with a drone and other weapons to help, I love that there are actually other players running around and that its free roaming. But the display layout needs sorting out, its too hard to navigate, vehicles slow and hard to control

Please developers, a lot of things need to be simplified to make this more user friendly and appealing for mobile players. There’s so many buttons, in-game items that aren’t clear enough how to use or what they’re used for, complex UI and menus. I’m currently playing on a large iPad Pro and even I feel my screen is clogged up with too many buttons etc, so I couldn’t imagine playing this on a mobile phone. Other than that, great game so far! It feels fresh and I’m excited to see where it goes

It’s a great concept. i like how it not only has survival elements but also some parts feel like life simulation. There’s a lot to do. Which is great but also it’s biggest downfall. There’s just too many buttons on screen. Even when i feel like I’ve perfectly adjusted my layout, there’s some small tiny icon that gets tapped somehow.

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